The University of Mannheim welcomes high-school graduates, transfer students, master's and doctoral candidates from all over the world. 15 percent of all Mannheim students have an international background. In Germany, the University of Mannheim was the first public higher education institution to adapt its academic calendar to conform with international universities.

Learn more about undergraduate and graduate degree programs we offer, and find out how to apply and join one of the best universities in Germany. If you apply for a degree program, please see our brochure "Get your Degree at the University of Mannheim."

We are dedicated to helping you afford an excellent education, regardless of your financial or social background. Learn more about scholarships and in-house services that will help you start your career!

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The application period for undergraduate programs starts on May 15 and runs through July 15.

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Here you will find further information on the undergraduate degree programs.

Graduate Degree Programs

The application period for graduate programs depends on the respective program.

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Here you will find further information on the Master's programs. If you are interested in one of our doctoral programs, please click here (general overview) or here (funding opportunities).

Non-Degree Programs

If you are staying for one or two semesters at the University of Mannheim as an exchange student or free-mover, your application process will be different. For details, please see the website of the International Office.

As an international exchange student you can choose from a variety of courses.