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Student Organizations

Getting involved with a student organization is a great way to meet new friends while developing your leadership skills. With more than 50 student clubs and organizations, you're sure to find others who share your interests and passions.

AEGEE Mannheim

You want to get to know Europe and its people, travel around and participate actively in the biggest project of the European continent? With more than 13,000 members in 200 cities and 40 countries and consultative status in the Council of Europe and the UN, AEGEE contributes politically to the formation process of a democratic and borderless Europe. Build connections all over the continent, acquire soft and hard skills in international trainings that will be useful for your career or realize your ideas. With AEGEE, you can get involved in political, social, or ecological projects or travel around Europe. We're always open to your ideas! AEGEE opens doors to a Europe of unlimited possibilities that you have never experienced before.


ArbeiterKind.de Mannheim

ArbeiterKind.de is an initiative to support first generation students. We encourage children from families with limited or no academic background to start studying at a university. We support them during the course of their studies until their successful graduation. You can find local Arbeiterkind.de groups at over 70 German universities. We provide information through presentations at schools, host booths at career and student fairs and offer one-on-one mentorings. In particular, we help first generation students with questions concerning the financing of their studies. We help you with choosing the right academic program. To join, email us at mannheim@arbeiterkind.de or come by at one of our regular open meetings every first and third Monday of the month, starting at 8 p.m. at the restaurant "Uhland" (Lange Rötterstr. 10). We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Arbeitskreis Börse

The Arbeitskreis Börse is one of the largest student organizations at the University of Mannheim and the oldest and largest student capital market group in Germany. We act as liaison between students and companies focusing on capital markets and consulting. With our lectures, workshops and working groups - supported by our partners - we offer you unique opportunities to get involved and, thus, to advance your personal development. For more information about us, please see our website or feel free to get in touch with us personally during our events. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Bai Ganyo e.V.

Bai Ganyo e.V. was founded in January 2004. As an organization for Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian students we aim to arouse interest in Bulgaria, its culture and the Bulgarian language. Our goal is to represent the interest of Bulgarian students and to provide a cross-cultural experience for all students of the University of Mannheim. We are working closely with other student organizations to make integration easier for Bulgarian students and to promote mutual respect and communication between different cultures. Join us when we visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and take part in events such as a folk dance course, a poker tournament, a film night and much more!

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ELSA (The European Law Student's Association)

ELSA is an international organization, independently run by and for students. ELSA activities comprise a large variety of academic and professional events and projects outside the university. With L@W-Events we try to give you an insight into the daily work of lawyers. Moreover, you have the chance to develop your own skills by participating in our study visits or in a competition team. On ELSA Day we focus on the topic of human rights. At ELSA, you can socialize with other law students in Germany, for example at national meetings. You can be part of our Student Trainee Exchange Program (STEP) or attend international meetings to get to know other law students from all over Europe. Visit our weekly meetings and feel the unique ELSA spirit!

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IDEiAS (Iniciativa de Estudiantes: América del Sur + Central)

The student organization IDEiAS represents a group of young and motivated students interested in Latin American culture who want to share their enthusiasm with others. Our aim is to raise awareness among students about economic, sociocultural and political problems in Latin and Central American countries. In order to do so, we show Latin American movies, organize the Fiesta Latina and offer workshops. Furthermore, we arrange internships in Central and Latin American countries or organize lectures and seminars concerning these regions. Last but not least, we frequently get together to cook Latin American dishes. If you are a Latin America fan - just as we are - and if you are interested in planning the upcoming semester with us, please write us an e-mail, visit our website or  join our meeting! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Are you interested in gaining experience through consulting projects with real clients? Are you looking for a challenge that allows you to use your knowledge from university in a real business environment? INTEGRA is constantly looking for extraordinary, innovative and proactive personalities who have strong analytical skills. Founded in 1990, INTEGRA is the student consultancy at the University of Mannheim, which can look back on a staggering number of over 200 consulting projects. In order to bring a breath of fresh air into our clients' businesses we provide dedicated highly client-oriented project teams that deliver the latest research findings directly from the auditorium into the business environment. With our preparatory training and workshops with well-respected partners we prepare our members to succeed in internal and external projects. INTEGRA represents excellence, passion and originality. Do you want to be a part of that? Visit our homepage for more information.

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MARKET TEAM e.V. Mannheim

MARKET TEAM was founded in 1984 to promote the communication between students and corporations. Join our initiative to meet interesting corporations, socialize and network with them, or take part in our exciting social events, such as ice hockey matches or pub crawls, to become an active part of our team and get in touch with fellow students. Every Tuesday, the whole team gathers in room EO 154 at the University of Mannheim. Here we discuss current topics, collect ideas for new projects and catch up on the progress of ongoing projects. Bring your own ideas, be responsible for your personal projects and turn them into reality!

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MFCC (Mannheim Finance and Controlling Club)

If you are interested in finance and controlling, MFCC is the right choice. We’re the organizers of the well-known War of Talents. The War of Talents is a case study competition with students from Germany’s leading business universities. The competition takes place in the Trade Fair Tower in Frankfurt. Furthermore, SAP and Excel courses, panel discussions and workshops complete our offering. Hence, the MFCC enables you to organize several extensive events and build long-lasting friendships. Being part of the MFCC means gaining business insights and improving your communication and networking skills. We'd be glad to welcome you to our club! Find us on Facebook or on mfcc.de.

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Mannheim Forum

As members of the Mannheim Forum e.V. we take the challenge to establish an annual interdisciplinary congress at the University of Mannheim. Over the last years the Mannheim Forum has grown to become one of Germany’s biggest and most well-known congresses organized by students. It is our mission to enable exchange between students, politicians, enterprises and society. To achieve this we invite high-class speakers and discussants in order to present our yearly topic from different perspectives. Together with our numerous partners, we were able to set up memorable events for our participants in the last years.
So why should you as an international student join us? Dynamic ideas and a great team are the basis of the Mannheim Forum. Nevertheless, the event can only be as forward-thinking and creative as the students standing behind it. Considering our shift towards a more international oriented congress we would also like to see this represented in our organization team. We are especially looking for English speaking students for our “Speaker-Ressort” which is in charge of winning over interesting personalities as speakers for our discussions and talks.
If you like to organize and plan, are interested in getting in touch with exceptional people and want to help us to constantly improve the Mannheim Forum do not hesitate to contact us. Join the team of the Mannheim Forum!

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You are excited about topics in the realm of politics, economics and social sciences beyond your field of study? You are looking for fellow students who share your interests? You would like to join a student initiative and get active? Then you have come to the right place! We organize talks and panel discussions with top-class speakers from the fields of politics, society and economy. Join us and you can immediately dive in and help organizing amazing events! We meet every Tuesday in the Uniclub (L4, 11) at 7 p.m. Have we sparked your interest? Then come to our meetings and meet us on Facebook. We look forward to meeting you!


SICoR (Student Organization Club of Rome)

SICoR is a multidisciplinary discussion forum for students of all fields who like debating the current social, ecological and economical challenges. In this way, we follow the tradition of the Club of Rome. Our main goal is to encourage the discussion and exchange of knowledge between students beyond the intramural lectures. Every semester, we choose a new topic and discuss its subtopics biweekly on Wednesday. Besides, we organize events like speeches on current topics, congresses and our annual study trips with destinations like Brussels or Strasbourg. This semester’s topic will be money - "Is it a blessing or a curse for our society?" Discuss with us! Although our discussions are usually led in German, international students are welcome at any time.

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You want to think outside the boundaries of classical economic theory? You think that corporate social responsibility is more than a PR joke on company websites? sneep, the student network for ethics in economics and practice, is a platform dedicated to promoting social discourse about ethics in economic theory and business practices. We organize projects, such as workshops, debates, lectures or conferences on a local or regional scale. If your project covers some aspect of sustainability in business practice, the only limit is your enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter whether you study management or music, whether you know a lot about sustainability already or just feel like getting new insights - we’ll be happy to see you soon!

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Studenteninitiative für Kinder

The Studieninitiative für Kinder offers private lessons for children from educationally deprived social backgrounds. These children don’t get the same support at school as other children. Their parents cannot help them with their homework or answer questions about the subject matter. Therefore, we offer private tutoring to promote equal opportunities in education. With over 50 establishments and more than 5,000 active students in Germany, the initiative is one of the biggest organizations in Europe and the first of its kind in Germany. How can you get involved? You meet for one or two hours a week with a child at school or university and work through homework or exercises. If you are studying to become a teacher, the private lessons are an ideal chance to gain experience in teaching.

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The uniMAgazin, the independent news magazine of the University of Mannheim, provides liberal and critical news coverage. Each semester, we report on student affairs, cultural life in Mannheim, University sports, or current events. We work alongside the departments Public Relations, Advert Management, and Layout and Photography. Students as well as other members of the University are invited to join our editorial staff. No matter if you are into optimizing our layout, writing articles, or helping us with marketing or administration affairs – everyone can be of help to the uniMAgazin! Sounds interesting? Just email us at mitmachen@uni-MA-gazin.de or connect with us on Facebook!

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Uni Spirit

The idea for ”Uni Spirit“ came into being when founding members experienced the spirit at U.S. schools. Our initiative’s aim is to create such a spirit at the University of Mannheim. We want students to feel as a community and to be able to identify with our university. We want to create opportunities for all students to get to know each other, even if they don’t share schedules. We try to achieve those goals by hosting events like “Secret Santa”, “Open Stage Night” and our famous “Uni Spirit BBQ”. As a colorful group of students of all areas of study, we’d be excited to have YOU as a member of our team. Get to know us and help us organize events or get creative and host your own. To do so, email us at unispirit.mannheim@googlemail.com, come to our weekly meetings (t.b.a. on Facebook) or visit our website. BE PART OF IT!

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We are VISUM, the Society of International Student Partnerships at the University of Mannheim. Our goal is to facilitate partnerships between Mannheim students and exchange students.This means, if you would like to get to know students from Germany and the rest of the world, and have fun at the same time, then VISUM is the right organization for you! We organize many events during the semester, including an international party series, visits to the opera or theater, the International Dinner and also two city trips to other German cities. We meet every Monday, at 7 p.m. in EW 156 to plan the events. Everyone is welcome to join us.

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WinD Mannheim/Heidelberg (Weltwärts in Deutschland)

WinD Mannheim/Heidelberg is a group of former volunteers who live in and around Mannheim and Heidelberg. “weltwärts” is a program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development that enables young people to live and work one year in a country of the Global South. We want to share the experiences we made during our voluntary service and promote the idea of a solitary world. We regularly meet and organize events linked to globalization and development, e.g. movie screenings or clothing exchange parties to promote sustainable consumption. If you want to stay updated, like us on Facebook or follow our Blog. We meet every first Sunday of the month, alternately in Heidelberg or Mannheim. If you’re interested in issues linked to development we’d be happy to welcome you! To join our group, send an e-mail to wind.mannheimheidelberg@posteo.de

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