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Collaborative Research Center 884 "Political Economy of Reforms"

The aim of this Collaborative Research Center is to gain novel insights into the constraints on political reforms in welfare states. To this end, the multidisciplinary Center brings together more than 30 senior and junior researchers from economics, political science, and sociology. These projects hosted at the Center address various aspects of the political economy of reforms, including individual attitudes on reforms and the aggregation of these attitudes into organized interests (project group A), the context and spatial dimension of reforms in welfare states (project group B), and the political process of reform making with a focus on the role of political parties (project group C).

Interdisciplinary Approach

The research projects share the common approach of evaluating competing theoretical models from a political economy perspective. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, the Center promotes research that empirically evaluates to what extent actors (citizens, interest groups, political parties, governments) rationally evaluate reforms based on their available information and to what extent they fail to fully understand the consequences of complex reform proposals. The research findings will have important implications for both the scientific understanding of reform-making and the practical advice for policy makers.

CRC 884 "Political Economy of Reforms"