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The "Excellence Initiative"

The University of Mannheim, although small, is an affiliate of the federal "Excellence Initiative", making it the smallest university to be awarded this honour. The total budget provided for the University of Mannheim will be € 5,5 million. This sum will be used to fund the new Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences for 110 young academics of economics and social sciences.

The Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS) offers interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in empirical and quantitative methods and their application to the economic and social sciences. The GESS is organized into three centers: the centers for business, economics, and the social sciences. The internationally recruited young scientists are trained in a unique research and teaching environment. On the one hand they benefit from the school’s focus on empirical and quantitative methods common to all disciplines. On the other hand they receive substantial training in their own discipline according to highest international standards. This also stimulates the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The training of doctoral students is conducted by the internationally renowned faculties of the economic and social sciences and by scientists from leading cooperating institutions.