University Campus

Studying in the Largest Baroque Palace in Germany

The University of Mannheim offers a unique atmosphere. Its campus assembles all disciplines in short distance away of one another.

The core of the campus is Mannheim Palace. With a length of 400 meters it is the largest baroque palace in Germany. In recent years it has been renovated extensively thanks to private donations totaling around Euro 13 million. Modern steel and glass elements now offer a fascinating contrast to the almost 300 year-old walls. For further information on the palace, its history and museum visit the website of the state heritage agency Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten.
All disciplines which are not housed in the palace are within a few minutes walking distance. They either have new buildings, like the Department of Economics and the Institute of Computer Science, or, like the School of Social Sciences, are housed in renovated buildings.


Mannheim’s entire city center, a type of chessboard, is symmetrically aligned with the palace. It is just a few steps from the lecture hall to a pavement café. And for those who prefer a bit of nature, it is just a five-minute walk to the grassy banks of the Rhine or the university’s own tennis courts. The ICE high-speed train station directly borders the campus and takes passengers to Frankfurt airport, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe in just thirty minutes, to Switzerland in two hours and Paris in a good three hours and in four and a half hours either to Hamburg or Berlin. 

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City of Mannheim

Mannheim is situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers and forms the center of the Rhine Neckar Metropolitan Region. What is particularly impressive is the city’s diversity, which it owes to its shopping mile, first-class cultural offerings, the large baroque palace, Jugendstil architecture and modern industry and service complexes.

Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

The Metropolitan Region is one of the strongest economic centers in Germany. More than twenty percent of the 328,000 inhabitants have an international background. Global players such as BASF and SAP and a successful medium-sized business sector are located in the Metropolitan Region. The quality of the 21 universities and colleges including over 84.000 students shows the region's high potential.

Rhine-Neckar in Motion (Video)

Federal State of Baden-Württemberg

Mannheim is situated in the north of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Catch a glimpse of the region in the following video: