Faculty of Law

© Patrick Spannagel, 2003

The International Quality Network of the University of Mannheim Faculty of Law has the purpose to support and foster the collaboration between german law students or scientists and foreign graduates, post-graduates and lecturers.

The Faculty of Law of the University succeeded against 60 other applicants, and received a substantial funding for our International Exchange Programme. Thanks to the excellent support of our current partners, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is of our opinion, that we are establishing something really worthwhile and that our idea is worth supporting.

The DAAD-IQN-programme’s aim is to support foreign graduates and post-graduates wishing to learn, teach and research in Germany. In Detail, we are able to offer the following to graduates and post-graduates:

· Participation in the M.C.L.(Mannheim/Adelaide) Programme (with scholarships of four months - waiver of fees subject to conditions in our MoU)

· Long-term stays in Mannheim for Ph.D.-Students (from 4 months to one year or even longer)

· Short-term stays in Mannheim for Ph.D.-Students (up to two months)

Ph.D. students will have the possibility to use all research facilities of the University of Mannheim. Moreover, upon personal recommendation, the Max-Planck-Institute of Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg generally allows our researchers access to its facilities. Furthermore, they will be offered to participate in our Ph.D.-colloquia. If so wished, each student will have a co-supervisor for his doctoral thesis while in Mannheim. They can, of course, participate in all courses and lectures offered here at Mannheim.

At the moment Mannheim university has three different ways of co-operation with its partners:

· A full joined Master-Programme of the Faculties.

· The possibility for foreign students to enter into the existing Master-Programme of the Universities of Mannheim and Adelaide.

An exchange of undergraduates of the participating univesities.