myUniMA story

You are interested in a full time program at the University of Mannheim? In the series myUniMA story, every month international degree seeking students share their personal experiences with student life in Mannheim.

August 2017

“I was so excited when I received my letter of acceptance – my heart was pounding”

Jaining Shen (24) from China
degree program: Culture and Economy: Media and Communication Studies (B.A.)

In her myUniMa story, Jianing explains the differences between studying in Germany and in China, and tells us about her new hobbies and the quieter way of life she has discovered in Mannheim.

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July 2017

“I always wanted to study Politics so that I could make a difference in Egypt”

Hana Attia (23) from Egypt
degree program: Political Science (M.A.)

Hana  went to a German school in Egypt, so she already knew a lot about the German culture. In her myUniMA story, Hana tells us how she would like to use her degree to influence the political situation in Egypt.

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June 2017

“Studying abroad makes you grow as a person”

Artem Zverkovskiy (22) from Russia
degree program: Business Informatics (M.Sc.)

Artem Zverkovskiy comes from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a town on the Russian island of Sakhalin, which is just north of Japan. He  is now in his final semester of his master’s program. In his myUniMA story, Artem shares his experiences of living in Mannheim.

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May 2017

“I decided I wanted to try something new"

Hanna Motuzenko (18) from Ukraine
degree program: Economics (B.Sc.)

After finishing high school, Hanna spontaneously decided to study in Germany. Now, she is in her second semester of the Economics program at the University of Mannheim. In her myUniMa Story, she doesn’t just explain why she suddenly decided to study in Mannheim, she also tells us about her involvement in the AIESEC student initiative.

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April 2017

“I always wanted to come back to Germany – that was my main goal”

Rita Fábiánová (20) from Slovakia
degree program: Business Law (B.A.)

Rita comes from a village near Komárno in Slovakia, however she is actually Hungarian and belongs to the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. Rita feels at home in Germany. She has been living in Mannheim. In her myUniMA story, Rita tells us about her dream of living in Germany.

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March 2017

"The University of Mannheim is the best for Political Science and Business Administration. That’s why I’m here now."

Sebastián Echeverría Botero (21) from Barranquilla, Colombia
degree program: Political Science and Business Administration (B.A.)

Sebastián is currently completing the sixth semester of his bachelor’s program. In his myUniMA story, he shares his experiences of living on four different continents and tells us about his involvement in the Enactus student association. 

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February 2017

“I’m very glad that I can study in Germany”

Fanni Szente (21) from Veszprém, Hungary
degree program: Business Administration (B.A.)

Fanny has been living in Mannheim for two years now. She began learning German in the first grade. In her myUniMa story, Fanni tells us why she likes studying in Mannheim and explains how Germany is different to Hungary.

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January 2017

"To get inspired by the German law and economy – that’s why I am studying at the University of Mannheim"

Louis Anyanwu (28) from Lagos
degree program: Master of Comparative Business Law

In the January edition, Louis from Nigeria talks about his studies. His aim: He wants to use the things he learns at the University of Mannheim to further the economic development in his home country Nigeria.

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December 2016

“I wanted to come to Mannheim and it was the right choice“

Isabel Jaramillo Chujón (19) from Quito
degree program: Psychology (B.A.)

The December edition features from Equator. She studies psychology in her third semester and explains in her myUniMA story why the University of Mannheim was the perfect choice for her.

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November 2016

"Everyone in the program has very strong abilities and we all inspire each other"

Xi Lin (25) from Beijing
degree program: Economics (M.Sc.)

The November myUniMA story features Xi from China. He is currently in his first year of the fast-track master's program in economics. In his story he explains where the fascination with his subject comes from.

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October 2016

"The University of Mannheim provides a very pleasant environment for international students"

Hieu Nguyen (23) from Hanoi
degree program: Media and Communication Studies (B.A.)

This month’s testimonial for myUniMA story is Hieu from Vietnam. He is a student of Media and Communication Studies and tells us why he sees his future in Germany.

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September 2016

"In the MMM I study with fellow students from all over the world"

Georgi Popov (25) from Sofia
degree program: Mannheim Master in Management (M.Sc.)

The myUniMA strory's September edition features Georgi from Bulgaria. He has almost finished the MMM and for us he draws a conclusion of his student years.

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August 2016

"Staying in Germany for a few more years would be great"

Naira Ibrahim (23) from Cairo
degree program: Business Informatics (M.Sc.)

Naira's myUniMA story is about independence, the difference between student life in Cairo and Mannheim, and the perspective of staying and working in Germany after graduation.

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July 2016

"Starting university is a big step for everyone"

Mariana Roa (20) from Mexico City
degree program: Political Science (B.A.)

In the first edition of the series myUniMA story Mariana tells us about the experiences she made during her first year in the bachelor's program Political Science.

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