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Dear Students,

the Institute of Sports finally reports back from its winter break and wishes all of you a happy new year! We hope that you have had successful exams and a great and healthy start into the new year. To keep you warm during the cold months and to let you have your money's worth of sports and pastimes, we continue to offer you a mixed bag full of different sports courses and recreational activities during the non-lecture period.

But until February 2nd, 2017, we are taking things a bit easier. Our program for the spring and summer term 2017 then takes off on February 3, 2017. Online registration for courses with mandatory registration starts on February 3, 6.00pm, as well. As we are constantly trying to improve and expand our sports program, you can already be excited for many new and interesting courses!

The current sports program for the non-lecture period is available for download in the download section of our homepage or can be seen online via the Program link. You will also be able to find the new program for the spring and summer semester 2017 in the exact same spot, once it comes online. To spontaneously check courses you can not only have a quick look at our homepage but can also use the Uni Mannheim app. Even though we are now past the first few public holidays, we advise you to quickly make sure that your courses take place as expected on a daily basis.

During the cold months fans of ice-skating are definitely not going to fall short. Until the end of the season in March, we are offering ice hockey courses at a hall adjecent to the SAP arena and ice skating at the Herzogenried ice rink. The swimmers amongst you should also not be left stranded between the semesters. In regards to body fitness we have expanded our high intensity interval training and are now also offering gettoworkout, a HIIT class that is solely focused on body weight exercises.

Our gym in D2, the health center at E7, the Unisporthalle and the yoga center remain opened as well.

We wish you a relaxing non-lecture period and the best of luck if you have still got any upcoming exams!

Winterly greetings,
our Institute of Sports


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We have important information for you before the spring summer term 2016 starts


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