Scholarships at the University of Mannheim

Scholarships make an important contribution to a program of study. It is not just the financial aspect that is interesting, but also the non-material support that accompanies it. A scholarship that is used efficiently can provide important support when beginning a career.

The scholarship system at the University of Mannheim was developed in 2007. Currently, around 250 students receive funding. The University of Mannheim has one of the most differentiated scholarship systems among public higher education institutions in Germany, and cooperates with a large network of partners and sponsors. Students can benefit and gain diverse experience from this network. As well as the financial support, students are given important networking opportunities. Additionally, there are scholarships that are awarded independently.

A separate application process is in place for each scholarship through which students and degree applicants can apply for a grant.

Deutschland Scholarship

Scholarship for Students in Financial Need

Mannheim Sports Scholarship

The University of Mannheim has awarded Deutschland Scholarships amounting  to €300 per month since 2011. This scholarship is aimed at students and those beginning their studies.

The Scholarship for Students in Financial Need from the University of Mannheim Foundation supports students who are dedicated to their studies but find themselves in difficult financial situations and wants to help them overcome financial obstacles on their way to a degree.

The Mannheim Sports Scholarship supports students who practice competitive sports. In addition to financial aid, the program includes support from mentors and student tutors.

Mannheim Scholarship

Bronnbach Scholarship

More Scholarships

Every semester, the city of Mannheim awards three students with €150 per month scholarship as a symbol of its special bond with the University.

The Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy conveys cultural competences and insights into creative processes to outstanding students from the University of Mannheim.
Conversations with renowned artists, art agents and academics take place throughout the year.

A range of further funding opportunities is available to all students at German higher education institutions. These scholarships are not exclusively available to students of the University of Mannheim.
Examples include scholarships offered by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation or political foundations.

The University of Mannheim would like to thank all sponsors and funding organizations

Adam Opel AG
Allianz Deutschland AG
Barclays Bank PLC
Bayer Science & Education Foundation
BBBank Stiftung
Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA
Bilfinger SE
Chemie-Verbände Baden-Württemberg
ConVista Consulting AG
Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH
Deutsche Bank AG
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Ernst & Young Stiftung e.V.
Familie Greinert
Freunde der Universität Mannheim e.V.
Günter Reimann-Dubbers Stiftung
Hays AG
HeidelbergCement AG
INTER Versicherungsgruppe
John Deere GmbH & Co. KG

Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V.
Marie-Luise und Normann Stassen Stiftung
Marion Würth
Peri GmbH
Renolit SE
Robert Bosch GmbH
Roche Diagnostics GmbH
RUFE Rheinhyp Unterstützungsfonds für
Eurohypo-Mitarbeiter e.V.
Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Dtl. GmbH
Samsung Electronics GmbH
Stadt Mannheim
Stiftung Universität Mannheim
Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt
Thomas Kern (KPMG)
Ulrike und Dr. Axel Weber-Stiftung
Union Investment Stiftung
Vector Stiftung
Wilhelm Müller-Stiftung