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"LAWFUL USE OF ENCRYPTION.-It shall be lawful for any person within any State of the United States... to use any encryption, regardless of encryption algorithm selected, encryption key length chosen, or implementation technique or medium used...
except as provided in this Act... or in any other law."
-- Senate Bill S.1587 - The Encrypted Communications Privacy Act
introduced 5 March 1996 by Sen. Leahy (D-VT) and Rep. Goodlatte (R-VA)
details & analysis available from Electronic Privacy Information Center
and Voters Telecommunications Watch

The Main Page:
The Internet Guide to Cryptography

Updated Friday 29 March 1996


Table of Contents:

Algorithms & Mathematics for Cryptography - under construction
Archives (FTP & WWW access to documents, programs & source code)
Bibliographies, Periodicals, E-Journals, Books, Databases, Internet Searchers
Calendar (conferences, meetings, and workshops on cryptography & related fields)
Disk & File System Encryption
Key Escrow - Clipper and "GAK" (government access to crypto keys)
Laws & Regulations (ITAR, export issues, etc.)
Links - to more cryptography resources:
Network & Internet Security
Newsgroups, FAQs and Mailing Lists
Organizations, Academic (universities & institutes, in alphabetical order by country)
Organizations, Commercial
Organizations, Government
Organizations, Policy & Public Interest
Organizations, Technical & Professional
Policy Discussions
Protocols & Standards
Software (products, programs and source code)
Steganography - hiding information within noise; a way to supplement (not replace) encryption, to prevent the existence of encrypted data from being detected
Voice Encryption (telephone security, wiretapping threats) - 3 software programs listed below turn a computer (with modem and sound card) into a secure telephone, using speech compression and strong encryption protocols to provide a secure real-time voice channel over the public telephone system or Internet:
Vulnerabilities - risks & defects in cryptography-based security systems