City of Mannheim

Squares in the City Center

The chessboard-like layout of the city center of Mannheim is unique in Germany. It is devided into 144 Squares with the castle as its origin. The history of this quadratic pattern dates back to 1606, when Mannheim was built as an ideal fortress city.


City of Inventors


Mannheim is located in the north west corner of the state of Baden-Württemberg and boarders the states of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz. It is the second largest city of Baden-Württemberg with 320,000 inhabitants. After Duisburg it has the second largest inland harbour in Germany. Mannheim leads Germany in inventions: Carl von Drais built the first running wheel in 1817, in 1886 the first car of Carl Benz coasted through the streets of Mannheim and engineer Fritz Huber constructed the first tractor in 1921, the so called Lanz-Bulldog.


Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region


Mannheim is the center of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan region and one of the largest economic areas in Germany. Numerous enterprises like SAP, BASF and Heidelberger print machines have their main offices here and offer excellent opportunities to gain business experience.


Multifaceted Cultural Offers

Mannheim offers sheer life. With the Pop Academy founded by Xavier Naidoo, the music park and a diverse club and music scene, Mannheim is considered the capital of Pop. It is a city of shopping and culture. The cultural offerings range from World Championships, Concerts, sophisticated events in the Rosengarten, Mannheim National Theatre, and Mannheim Kunsthalle, or the International Film Festival.




Mannheim is located between two low mountain ranges, "Odenwald" and "Pfälzer Wald," with idyllic landscapes and romantic cities. The black forest, popular both among hikers and skiiers, can easily be reached with a 90 minute drive. Even the Alps are accessible in less than four hours by car or train. The Luisenpark in Mannheim is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. You can sunbathe or barbecue on the Rhine.

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