Jonathan Kobbe


B6, 26, Room C 1.03
Phone: +49 621 181 2599

jonathan (at)


ExpLAIN: Between the Lines - Knowledge-enhanced Argument Analysis in a Formal Argumentation Reasoning System

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft (DFG) as part of the Priority Program „Robust Argumentation Machines (RATIO)“


Course Semester
Network Analysis (Exercise) HWS 2019
Business Informatics II: Foundations of Modeling (Tutorial) FSS 2019, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (Exercise) HWS 2017, 2018
Algorithms and Data Structures (Tutorial) HWS 2017
Formal Foundations of Computer Science (Tutorial) HWS 2016
Programming Lab II (Tutorial) FSS 2016
Analysis I (Tutorial) HWS 2015
Programming in C (Tutorial) FSS 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


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  • Kobbe, J., Opitz, J., Becker, M., Hulpus, I., Stuckenschmidt, H. and Frank, A. (2019). Exploiting background knowledge for argumentative relation classification. In Eskevich, M., 2nd Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK 2019) (S. 8:1-8:14). OASIcs - OpenAccess Series in Informatics, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik: Wadern.