Photo credit: Emilie Orgler

Timo Sztyler


B6, 26, Room C 1.07
Tel.: +49 621 181 2653

Consultation hours: please make an appointment via email

timo (at)

Research Group: Artificial Intelligence

Research Interests

Reviewing / PC-Memberships

  • Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Journal)
  • Mobile Information Systems (Journal)
  • DEW2017@WETICE2017 (Conferences/Workshop)
  • Electronic Commerce Research (Journal)


  • Teaching Assistant for Wirtschafts­informatik II
    (FSS 2018)
  • Teaching Assistant for Wirtschafts­informatik II
    (FSS 2017)
  • Teaching Assistant Team Project: Active and Online Learning: Your Personal Assistant for Lifestyle Improvement
    (FSS 2017 / HWS 2017)
  • Teaching Assistant for Process Mining Seminar
  • Teaching Assistant Team Project: Daily Log: Healthcare management for individuals with a mobile application
    (HWS 2016 / FSS 2017)
  • Teaching Assistant for Process Mining Seminar
  • Teaching Assistant Team Project: Prediction of the Daily Routine of Individuals for Healthcare Management
    (HWS 2015 / FSS 2016)
  • Teaching Assistant for Knowledge Management
    (FSS 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant Team Project: Personal Process Guidance for Healthcare Management
    (HWS 2014 / FSS 2015)

Supervised Thesis

  • Building a Candidate Pool out of Social Media Content
    (2017, Master)
  • Design and Implementation of a Human Activity Recognition System
    (2017, Bachelor)
  • Optimization of Digital Organizations: Process Mining Maturity and Procedure Model
    (2017, Master)
  • Discovering Control Flow from Event Logs using Multidimensional Process Mining
    (2017, Master)
  • Torwards Conformance Checking for a Real Business Process
    (2017, Master)
  • Activity Recognition with Mobile Devices using Online Random Forests
    (2017, Lehr­amt)
  • ProM-Plugin: UncertaintyMarker: Visualizing Probability Distributions of Events in Petri Nets
    (2016, Master)
  • Visualization of Human Activity Recognition Data using Mobile Sensors
    (2015, Bachelor)
  • Automatische Erkennung menschlicher Bewegung durch Auswertung von Beschleunigungs­sensor Daten
    (2014/2015, Diplom)