Seminar on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (FSS 2022)

With the superior results achieved by black box machine learning techniques, in particular neural networks, there has been an increasing demand for understanding how an artificial intelligence (AI) system achieves its results and decisions. This sparked the field of explainable artificial intelligence (also coined explainable AI or XAI).


In this seminar, you will familiarize yourself with recent advancements in the field of explainable artificial intelligence. You will read research papers as well as conduct own experiments where applicable, and you will discuss the insights with the other participants of the seminar.

As a participant, you are supposed to introduce a particular XAI technique and present it to the seminar participants. Each seminar paper undergoes a peer review process in the seminar. Presentations are supposed to be about 25 minutes long.


This seminar is organized by Prof. Dr. Heiko Paulheim

Available for Master students (2 SWS, 4 ECTS)

Prerequisites: none

Additional resources:


For now, we plan with an on-campus seminar.

  • February 24th, 13:45–15:15: kick off meeting: B6 23–25, A302 Slides
  • March 1st: topic assignment
  • March 30th: paper draft due
  • April 14th: peer review due
  • April 28th, May 5th, 12th, 19th: 13:45–17:00 presentations and discussions (see  schedule below), B6 23–25, A303
  • June 18th: final paper due