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Our colloquium takes place each Tuesday in B6, A1.01, beginning at 12:00. The colloquium is a joint event of all DWS senior faculty members (Prof. Stuckenschmidt, Prof. Bizer, Prof. Paulheim, Prof. Ponzetto and Prof. Gemulla).

The colloquium allows PhD students to present their work in front the DWS audience.

Colloquium(at)DWS FSS 2020




11.02. Arber Zela Advances in AutoML
18.02. Oliver Frendo Smart Charging of Electronic Vehicles
Federico Lopez Fine-grained Entity Typing in Hyperbolic Space
25.02. Genet Asefa Gesese A Survey on Knowledge Graph Embeddings with Literals: Which model links better Literal-ly?
Andreas Rücklé Duplicate Question Detection and Answer Selection with Limited Labeled Training Data
03.03. Poster Session 1  
10.03. Alexander Renz-Wieland

Exploiting Locality in Distributed Machine Learning

Ines Rehbein Improving Sentence Boundary Detection for Spoken Language Transcripts
17.03. Daniel Ruffinelli  
Heiner Stuckenschmidt Plan Recognition - Techniques and Applications
31.03. Poster Session 2  
21.04. Michael Roth  
28.04. Christian Bartelt  
05.05. Poster Session 3  
Jana-Rebecca Rehse  
Goran Glavaš