DWS Colloquium (FSS 2021)

The DWS colloquium consists of a series of scientific talks as well as several poster sessions in which the PhD students of the DWS group present their ongoing research. It is jointly organized by all DWS senior faculty members (Prof. Bizer, Prof. Gemulla, Prof. Paulheim, Prof. Ponzetto, Prof. Stuckenschmidt). 

The DWS colloquium takes place every Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:30. Due to the Corona situation, the scientific talks will take place via Zoom in WIM-ZOOM-01. The poster session will talk place via Microsoft Teams, where the posters will be presented in parallel in different channels.

Colloquium Schedule




16.3.Anna PrimpeliMulti-Source Entity Matching with Active Learning
Gilles Vandewiele (Ghent University, Belgium)A walk along node classification tasks in graphs
23.3.Poster session
13.4.Heiner StuckenschmidtAI for Smart Mobility
Apoorv Umang (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)Leveraging Knowledge Graph Embeddings for KG Question Answering
20.4.Sara Tonelli (FBK, Italy)Context, users and disagreement: What we don’t talk about when we
talk about abusive language
Margret Keuper

Model-Driven and Sampling-Aware Robust Deep Learning

27.4.Babette Bühler (U Tübingen)Web Table Classification based on Visual
Ralph PeetersTable Representations via Language Model Pre-Training
4.5.Poster session
11.5.Christoph KernFairness in Machine Learning and Automated Decision-Making
Alexander Renz-Wieland (TU Berlin)Exploiting Locality in Distributed Machine Learning
18.5.Federico Nanni (Turing Institute)An overview of NLP research conducted as part of the Digital Humanities project Living with Machines
Bilal Ghanem (U Alberta)FakeFlow: Fake News Detection by Modeling the Flow of Affective Information
25.5.Marta Sabou (TU Wien)Verifying Conceptual Domain Models with Human Computation
Alexander BrinkmannTable Augmentation using schema.org Data from the Web
1.6.Poster session