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Our colloquium takes place each Tuesday in A5, C0.15, beginning at 13:45. The colloquium is a joint event of all DWS senior faculty members (Prof. Stuckenschmidt, Prof. Bizer, Prof. Paulheim, Prof. Ponzetto and Prof. Gemulla).

The colloquium allows PhD students to present their work in front the DWS audience.

Colloquium@DWS HWS 2019




5.9 all DWS PhD candidates Kick-off poster session

Ioana Hulpus A Spreading Activation Framework for Tracking Conceptual Complexity of Texts
Ralph Peters Exploring Deep Learning for Product Matching
17.9 Kalun Ho (Fraunhofer) Self-supervised appearance encoding
Jan Portisch (SAP) Matching EvaLuation Toolkit (MELT) & Evaluation of Ontology Matchers on Financial Services Data Models
24.9 Pablo Accuosto (UPF Barcelona) Discourse-driven argument mining in scientific texts
27.9 10am Nikolaos Kourentzes (Lancaster University) Cross-Temporally Coherent Forecasts and Applications
1.10 Daniel Ruffinelli An overview of Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Anne Lauscher A general framework for implicit and explicit debiasing of distributional word vector spaces
8.10 Vinh THan Ho (MPI Saarbrücken) Rule learning from Knowledge Graphs Guided by 
External Source
Anna Primpeli Active Learning for Entity Matching with Unsupervised Bootstrapping
15.10 all DWS PhD candidates Poster session 1
22.10 Nicolas Heist

CaLiGraph - A Knowledge Graph from Wikipedia Categories and Listpages

Carolin Lawrence (NEC Europe Lab)

Bidirectional Sequence Generation and Graph AI

29.10 Shintaro Yamamoto (Waseda University, Tokyo) TBA
Samuel Broscheit TBA
5.11 Christoph Theil CAIUS - Consequences of Artificial Intelligence on Urban Societies
Christian Bartelt AI Research at the InES Institute
26.11 all DWS PhD candidates Poster session 2
3.12 Chia-Chien Hung Joining graph- and vector-based sense representations