Foto: Anna Logue

DWS Colloquium HWS2020

The DWS colloquium takes place every Tuesday from 13:45 to 15:15.  The colloquium consists of a series of scientific talks as well as several poster sessions in which the DWS PhD students present their research.

The colloquium is a joint event of all DWS senior faculty members (Prof. Stuckenschmidt, Prof. Bizer, Prof. Paulheim, Prof. Ponzetto and Prof. Gemulla). 

Due to the Corona-situation, the scientific talks of the HWS2020 colloquium will take place via Zoom (virtual room: WIM-ZOOM-4). The poster session will talk place via MS Teams where the posters will be presented in parallel in different MS Teams chanels.

Colloquium Schedule




29.09.2020Heiko Paulheim Filter Bubbles and Algorithmic Pricing
Han van der Aa Process Analytics at DWS: A Research Agenda
6.10.2020Dr. Michael Roth
(University of Stuttgart)
Understanding Misunderstandings Through Revisions of WikiHow Articles
Christian Bartelt Post-hoc Interpretation of Artifical Neural Networks by Parameter Processing

Poster Session 1
Amirhossein Kardoost
Adrian Rebmann
Anna Primpeli
Anne Lauscher
Jovita Lukasik
Jan Portisch
Kalun Ho

Amirhossein: Self-supervised sparse to dense motion segmentation
Adrian: Extracting Semantic Process Information from Event Logs
Anna: Active Learning for Multi Source Entity Resolution
Anne: On the Limitations of Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer with Multilingual Transformers
Jovita: Smooth Variational Graph Embeddings for Efficient Neural Architecture Search
Jan: Supervised and Embedding-Based Schema Matching
Kalun: A Multi-Tier Approach for Scalable Image Clustering

20.10.2020Dr. Pasquale Minervini
(University College London)
Explainable, Verifiable, and Data-Efficient Deep Learning
Dr. Sebastijan Dumancic
(KU Leuven)
DeepProbLog: Neural Probabilistic Logic Programming
27.10.2020Ralph PeetersDual-Objective Fine-tuning and Explaining BERT for Product Matching
Jonas PfeifferAdapters in Transformers - A New Paradigm for Transfer Learning…?
3.11.2020Edoardo Ponti (University of Cambridge) 
10.11.2020Poster Session 2
Alexander Brinkmann
Robert Litschko
Nicolas Heist
Sven Hertling
17.11.2020Olaf Hartig (Linköping University) 
24.11.2020Emile van Krieken (VU Amsterdam) 
David Jurgens (University of Michigan) (at) 4pm 
8.12.2020Matthias Weidlich (HU Berlin) 
Vered Shwartz (University of Washington) (at) 4pm 
15.12.2020Poster Session 3
Ralph Peeters
Fabian David Schmidt
Chia-Chien Hung
Andreea Iana
Michael Schlechtinger
Alexander Kraus
26.1.2021Dirk Hovy (Bocconi University)