Offers the possibility to work in different formats.
The stakeholders come from a variety of backgrounds.
In the process, everyone contributes their expertise.

Collaboration with Society: Basic Positions

Reciprocal understanding of transfer: University benefits from the knowledge of off-campus actors, receives impulses and new knowledge.

Innovation processes can solve current challenges and thus contribute to the further development of society.

Cooperation with society includes cooperation and dialog with all social actors outside academia.

We understand transfer as a two-way exchange of knowledge, services, technologies and people.

ENGAGE.EU Ecosystem

In order for such a sustainable and well-founded collaboration between university and society to be possible, a vibrant ecosystem is needed.

In such an ecosystem:

  • impulses from society are picked up
  • dialogues on current topics are stimulated
  • events are held
  • projects are developed that promote exchange between science and various social groups
  • academic knowledge is disseminated in continuing education formats
  • relevant research content is brought to the public in dialogue and communication formats
  • feedback from society into the university is facilitated and appreciated
  • the university shapes social debates, cultural life, and economic and professional development in the region and beyond.

ENGAGE.EU Lab / Mannheim Lab on Culture, Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship



  • Cultural and Creative sector
  • Diverse Quarters
  • RRI
  • Data Literacy
  • Digitalization


MARCIE – Mannheim Research Group in Culture, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


In the MARCIE Talks you will meet cultural entrepreneurs, freelancers, stakeholders and political-institutional representatives of the cultural sector from the region and (sometimes even far) beyond. Get inspired, network and learn from each other.

Julia Derkau

Julia Derkau

Leitung Bereich Bildungsinnovation
University of Mannheim
Zentrum für Lehrerbildung und Bildungsinnovation
Schloss – Room EO 084
68161 Mannheim
Prof. Dr. Hiram Kümper

Prof. Dr. Hiram Kümper

Carl-Theodor-Professor for Late Medieval and Early Modern History
University of Mannheim
Lehrstuhl für Spätmittelalter und Frühe Neuzeit
L 7, 7 – Room 306
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181–1330
Fax: +49 621 181–2249
E-mail: hiram.kuemper uni-mannheim.de
ORCID iD: 0000–0002-6912–0874
Consultation hour(s):
Zur Terminvereinbarung nutzen Sie bitte ausschließlich das Online-Tool auf der Mitarbeiterwebsite.