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Information for students

As students of the University of Mannheim you are part of a network of currently seven European universities.
In 2023, this number will rise to nine.

That provides you with many opportunities:

  • networking with students of the partner universities
  • participating in summer schools and expeditions
  • sharing an international campus with online courses and seminars across universities
  • events for students
  • stays abroad
  • joint research projects
  • access to publications within ENGAGE.EU
  • and much else

The Board of Learners

The Board of Learners (BoL) is the central representative body for students, doctoral students and alumni of ENGAGE.EU. It advises the decision-making committee on teaching issues, in particular. Currently, the board has 14 members, two of each partner university.

The University of Mannheim is represented by Sandro Mochan and Sidney Greiner in the BoL. They are happy to answer your questions.

Sandro Mochan

Sandro Dorian Mochan (born in 2000) is currently doing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim.

He is the chairman of the Board of Learners and has been a member since the end of 2020. In addition, he sits on the Governing Board of ENGAGE.EU.

Sandro campaigns for the education and participation of adolescents and young adults in a number of ways. For example, he founded a club, supported the creation of several youth initiatives in the fields of democracy and education and has been a member of various (public) bodies.

Sydney Greiner

Sydney Greiner (born in 2001) has been enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s program in Economics since 2020. Sydney has been involved in different associations campaigning on education, such as the German pupils’ academy (Schülerakademie) and the Economics’ departmental student committee

She gained much experience through jobs and voluntary services in the health sector and in business consulting.

Since the summer of 2022, she has been a member of the Board of Learners. She is looking forward to contribute to shaping and connecting European universities, and to implement your ideas of a united Europe.

Services for students

You may register for:

  • Online Exchange Initiative

    Since the spring semester 2022, the partner universities have been offering regular courses as part of the Online Exchange Initiative. That way, students can benefit from versatile online classes. More information

  • Modules

    Starting in the fall semester 2022, the University of Mannheim and its partners will offer interdisciplinary modules, for example on sustainability. More information

Other activities:

  • Summer schools

    Every summer, there is a summer school that is hosted by one of the ENGAGE.EU partner universities. This year in July, the students got together for two weeks at Luiss University in Rome. They enjoyed a vivid program on the topic of “Digitalization and Challenges for European Society” which included lectures by several professors of the alliance.

  • Expeditions

    Expeditions are challenge-based programs during which students of the partner universities collaborate with companies and research institutions to solve a challenge in a city. In Tilburg, where the last expedition took place, the motto was Green City.

  • Joint programs

    Joint programs are master’s programs across campuses that the partner universities offer together. The first Joint Certificate Programme of the University of Mannheim and its partners starts in the spring semester 2023. The application period begins in the fall semester 2022/2023. Students will receive 24 ECTS credits for Digital Transformation in addition to the credits of their master's program. More information

  • Events

    Every week there are several events, such as insightful roundtables on social problems. See all events on our website.

Joining in

You would like to play a part in ENGAGE.EU? There are several opportunities for you to do so:

Local chapter
We are planning to create local chapters in every ENGAGE.EU city, also in Mannheim. We will keep you up to date at the start of the semester and will soon post a “Call to action”.

We want to create ENGAGE.EU ambassador positions by means of which students can get involved in the alliance in a flexible way. More information will follow soon.

– PhD students/Alumni: questions on the collaboration and representation of alumni and PhD students
– Events: planning new events
– ENGAGED Learning – everything related to flexible learning

Do you want to know more? Then get in touch with Sandro or Sydney.


What I especially like about ENGAGE.EU is exchanging ideas with students across Europe and promoting new projects. I always have a sympathetic ear for your ideas and wishes.

Sandro Mochan / BoL / Photo credit: Katrin Glückler

I am involved in ENGAGE.EU because every day, I witness the positive influence that social involvement has on people. ENGAGE.EU is a cornerstone for a more social, innovative, and connected Europe.

Sydney Greiner / BoL / Photo credit: Jula Jacob

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