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“In threatening situations, people often rise above themselves”

Many people are currently feeling anxious, because life is not the same as before due to the corona pandemic. The clinical psychologist and anxiety researcher Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers of the University of Mannheim answers questions and gives tips on how to cope with the situation.

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Spontaneous Support in Times of Crisis: Now Free for Regional Grocers, an application co-developed by researchers from the University of Mannheim, enables even small grocers to offer their customers contactless shopping from home during the corona crisis.

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Closure of the tram stops “Universität” and “Schloss” from March 13 to 30

Due to track construction work, there are no trams running between Mannheim Central Station and Paradeplatz. Buses, too, cannot reach all stops as usual.

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Was treibt Aktienpreise? Vortrag von Professor Klaus Adam am 28. März

Professor Adam erläutert verschiedene Ansätze, die versuchen, die Schwankungen von Aktienpreisen zu erklären.

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Mannheim Psychologist Awarded Most Important German Prize for Early-Stage Researchers

Dr. Monika Undorf will receive the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize 2020 for her research on metamemory.

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How Do Ideologies and Lobbying Connections of U.S. Politicians Influence Corporate Accounting?

A team led by Prof. Jannis Bischof of the collaborative research center “Accounting for Transparency” recently conducted a study on the influence of U.S. members of Congress on corporate accounting. The researchers found out that ideologically motivated legislators only participate in the regulation ...

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Construction Work in the Ehrenhof Ost

Due to the construction work in the Ehrenhof Ost, the passageway between Ehrenhof and Stiler Hof has been closed since the beginning of February 2020. The detour goes via Bismarckstraße and Otto-Selz-Straße. The renovation of Ehrenhof Ost is expected to be completed by mid-July 2022. Click here for ...

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Data Obtained by Opinion Research Institutes Often Unreliable

In a recent study, an international research team with participation of Mannheim data scientist Prof. Annelies Blom has come to the conclusion that many polls taken by private electoral groups, opinion research institutes and market research institutes yield inaccurate results. It is a problem that ...

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Coronavirus: Current Measures and Recommendations

In light of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the University of Mannheim informs both employees and students about current measures and recommendations.

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The Recipe for Success Behind a 260 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Project

More than 260 million US Dollars have already been raised by 2.5 million fans for “Star Citizen”, an online game that has not even been released yet – a world record. Together with colleagues from the universities of Augsburg and Düsseldorf, who are both Mannheim alumni, the Mannheim researchers Dr. ...