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I’m Michael and I have been enrolled in the University of Mannheim’s bachelor’s program in Psychology since 2017. I’m always happy to answer your questions about the bachelor's program, the university, and student life in Mannheim.

Michael Ohlinger, program ambassador for the bachelor’s program in Psychology / Credit: Daniela Haupt

Hi, my name is Sophia and I started the master’s program in Psychology at the University of Mannheim in the fall semester 2021. If you have any questions about the program, the university, the city of Mannheim, or student life, I'm happy to help.

Sophia Tewald, program ambassador for the master’s program in Psychology / Credit: Tsvetina Tsonkova

Why I chose this program

The program in Psychology includes basic research, applied subjects, and methods. In the basic research subjects, such as Social Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Personality Psychology, Motivational Psychology, and Perceptual Psychology, you will learn the theories needed in the applied subjects, such as Work and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Consumer Psychology, and Educational Psychology. Psychologists further need profound knowledge of the relevant methods to empirically and scientifically deal with these topics. That means you will learn how to evaluate research results mathematically and interpret them critically.

Initially, I decided to study psychology because I wanted to work in the field of clinical psychology. During my studies I realized, however, that psychology is much more than that. Now, I can hardly limit myself to just one field. I hope that you get just as enthusiastic about psychology!

Studying at the University of Mannheim

  • What’s special about the program?

    Having seen the Schloss by night from the Ehrenhof is reason enough to start your studies at the University of Mannheim. If you want more than just studying in one of Europe’s largest baroque palaces, have a look at the University of Mannheim’s excellent CHE rankings, which prove first-class teaching and research. The university has an especially good reputation in economics and the social sciences. During your studies you can choose applied subjects, such as Work and Organizational Psychology or Consumer Psychology, which have an economic background. But you can also focus on clinical psychology. The University of Mannheim even offers its graduates two separate master’s programs in either field.

  • Extracurricular activities

    In addition to your studies, you can do voluntary work and join one of the many student organizations at the University of Mannheim. At the start of the fall semester, the student organization fair and various kick-off events take place. They provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the different organizations and get in touch with other students. The departmental student committee takes special care of us: it advocates for the interests of psychology students at the University of Mannheim and organizes various events, particularly for first-year students.

    You can also learn a language, expand your knowledge in the Studium Generale, or try out a new sport. From learning Turkish to dancing and playing in the university orchestra—every student will surely find something they like. Several information events at the start of the fall semester, such as the Sports Day, provide the perfect occasion for you to try something new!

    On top of that, there are weekly university parties in the Schneckenhof during the summer, the Schlossfest in September, the clubs and bars in Jungbusch and the Quadrate, various wine festivals in the region, and the Mannheim Christmas markets, among many other things.

After graduation

  • Further study

    After their bachelor’s, many students continue with a master's program. At the University of Mannheim, you can specialize in either of two areas during the master’s program in Psychology: Work, Economy, and Society, or Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. In order to make the decision easier and to gain practical experience, Mannheim students must do a three-month internship.

  • Career opportunities

    As a graduate you are presented with many job and advanced training opportunities. For example, you can start working in human resources, marketing, consulting, and market research, or you can continue with a training to become a psychotherapist. Of course, you can also pursue a doctorate and go into research. It’s safe to say that Mannheim psychology alumni can start a career in almost any field.

What you need to know

  • Language requirements

    Most of the academic literature on psychology is in English. It is therefore important that you have a good command of English.

Further information

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Program ambassador for the bachelor's program in Psychology


Program ambassador for the master's program in Psychology