Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies (CELLS)

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My name is Lea and I have been studying the bachelor’s program in Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies (CELLS) at the University of Mannheim since the fall semester 2020. Since the program was newly introduced in 2017, only few students have shared their experiences yet. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with my decision to pursue this program. If you have any questions or problems, I am happy to help you in any way I can.

Lea Schönfeld, program ambassador for the bachelor’s program in Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies / Photo credit: Jula Jacob

Why I chose this program

Students of the Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies (CELLS) bachelor’s program learn about English language and literature, and study the cultures and societies of Great Britain and the USA. Since almost all lectures are taught in English, students are in frequent contact with the language. Classes on Linguistics teach students about language acquisition and development, and multilingualism. Modules in Literary Studies focus on late 20th and 21st century literature and the scientific analysis of the same. Unlike a traditional English and American Studies program, the CELLS program gives you the opportunity to receive intensive language training. In addition, you will learn the theoretical foundations and how they are related to current issues. What I liked most was the opportunity to shape the direction of my education myself.

Plus, the Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives module enables you to attend courses offered by other schools and thus choose an interdisciplinary specialization. The Career Perspectives module outlines possible career options and prepares students for them. It teaches them practical skills that are necessary due to the increasing digitalization of the workplace.

Since classes in the program are rather small, students benefit from individual supervision by teachers.

Studying at the University of Mannheim

  • What’s special about the program?

    The University of Mannheim is ideal for students who wish to pursue a degree in English and American Studies! A lot of teachers from the Department of English Studies are native speakers from the UK or the USA. Students receive individual support. Various rankings have confirmed that the University of Mannheim provides high-quality teaching and that its programs in the humanities have a good reputation. The new structure of the traditional English and American Studies program at the University of Mannheim and the intensive language training set it apart from similar programs at other universities. Plus, the university is very international: it has over 450 partner universities, an international academic calendar, and students from all over the world. This allows University of Mannheim students to spend a semester abroad, which is particularly interesting to students of English and American Studies.

    The University of Mannheim’s good reputation, the international approach, and the excellent advising services on all kinds of issues made it easy for me to choose the CELLS program!

  • Extracurricular activities

    For those who want to get involved in extracurriculars or participate in campus life, there are a number of student organizations, activities, and events at the University of Mannheim. The central point of contact for students of the humanities is the departmental student committee for Linguistics and Literary Studies. It advocates for our interests and organizes interesting events. You can also meet students who share your passion for languages and culture in other departmental student committees. Especially in the first weeks of your studies, the many student organizations provide perfect opportunities to meet new people. 

After graduation

  • Further study

    Of course, you can move on to the next stage in your academic career. Pursuing a master's degree in English or American linguistics, literary studies, or cultural studies is recommended.

  • Career opportunities

    After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a variety of careers. For example, you can work in the field of communications (especially international communications) or public relations, advertising, or international customer relationship management. Graduates also qualify for professions in continuing and adult education, for example as communication trainers. For an easier transition from university to work, you should do internships and gain experience while you're still a student.

What you need to know

  • Language proficiency requirements

    The CELLS bachelor’s program has a few selection criteria. Since the program focuses on the English language, you must provide proof of proficiency. Your grades in German and English are especially important, but so is your study abroad experience. For more information on how you can prove your English language proficiency, check out the application details. In general, you should enjoy learning about the English language!

  • Frequently asked questions

    Endless reading... Students who want to enroll in the CELLS program should know that they will have to read a lot. Some courses have a heavy reading load. This includes prose, novels like Dracula, for example, as well as complex academic texts. These are written almost exclusively in English. So, if you enjoy reading and you read a lot, the CELLS program is perfect for you!

  • Clichés

    English and American studies—and then teacher education? Not necessarily. If you want to become an English teacher in Germany, you usually have to pursue a teacher education degree in English and American studies. The CELLS bachelor's program purely focuses on English and American studies. It gives you the opportunity to specialize in literary studies or linguistics and dive deeper into a specific field with the Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives module. In contrast to a program in English Studies, the focus of the program is on communication. After completing your bachelor’s degree you'll also have the chance to pursue a career in continuing and adult education.

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Program ambassador for the bachelor's program in Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies