Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law

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My name is Laura and I started studying the Integrated LL.B. and State Examination Program in Law in the fall semester 2017. As the program is unique, I had many questions before starting my studies. That’s why I’m looking forward to answering your questions and supporting you in making a decision.

Laura Prosen, program ambassador for the bachelor's program in Law / Photo credit: Tsvetina Tsonkova

Why I chose this program

I chose this program because for me it was important to acquire knowledge in economics in addition to studying law. The program is unique in Germany and also allows me to complete the first state examination required for becoming a lawyer.

Traditional programs in Law include the areas of civil law, criminal law, and public law. During the three-year bachelor’s program you will gain knowledge in civil law, which deals with the legal relations of private persons. That includes, for example, cases of purchasing a property, inheriting, or founding a limited company. In the first four semesters you will also learn the basics of economics, and study subjects like Marketing, Accounting, and Finance.

After the bachelor’s program, which you conclude by sitting three civil law state examinations, you can complete your legal knowledge in criminal law (criminal liability for certain behaviors) and public law (relationship between government and the public at large) during the additional semesters leading to the first state examination in Law. If you are interested in this option and would like to know more, just ask Tom, the program ambassador for the second program phase.

Studying at the University of Mannheim

  • What’s special about the program?

    Business knowledge is gaining importance in the daily work of legal professionals. The Bachelor of Laws will prepare you for this reality: the program not only provides you with an excellent business education at a renowned school, but also offers you the opportunity to earn a comprehensive degree in law. The professors are also fantastic.

    During the bachelor's program you focus on two areas:

    in the third and fourth semester, you get to choose an elective subject in Business Administration and take three courses. You can either choose Human Resources or Tax and Accounting.

    You also specialize in a legal branch, which will determine the topics of your bachelor’s thesis and the oral examination. The credits you earn for those count towards your first state examination. You can specialize in one of several areas, such as company law, antitrust law, tax law, labor law, or medical law. The respective lectures are usually offered in the fourth and fifth semester.

  • Extracurricular activities

    There are many things you can do at the university in addition to your studies: for example, you can join the departmental student committee, who deals with the concerns of law students, or support the legal organizations ELSA (European Law Student Association) or Pro Bono Mannheim. You can also participate in many other student organizations that do voluntary work on political, environmental, and social issues. The Institute of Sports further offers a wide range of sports, for example soccer, tennis, volleyball, and hockey, but also sailing and rowing on the Rhine and the Neckar.

    In addition, students can explore what the City of Mannheim has to offer: cultural lovers can see theater plays or operas at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. The Kunsthalle regularly hosts great exhibitions. Music enthusiasts can enjoy plenty of concerts by various artists in the UNESCO City of Music and can themselves become part of the university orchestra or choir. The baroque palace in the city center is also often host to different events.

After graduation

After completing the bachelor’s program, you can either stay at the university or start your career. You have four options.

What you need to know

  • Clichés

    Students of Law must learn legislative texts by heart, don’t they? The assumption that you spend your whole studies learning legislative texts by heart is a myth. In fact, law begins where legislation ends. Legal studies don’t exclusively focus on memorization. It is rather about applying regulations to the respective cases and working out acceptable solutions. You can always consult the statute books during exams, but you won’t always have enough time to become acquainted with the individual regulations. However, as you deal with the different topics at length during lectures and in study groups, and consolidate your knowledge by thoroughly revising the course content, you will quickly know where to find which regulation and how to solve a case.

  • Which program in Law should I choose?

    Both the traditional program in Law and the integrated program in Law (LL.B./state examination) provide you with the opportunity to complete your studies with the first state examination. That allows you to pursue a traditional career as a judge, attorney, or lawyer.

    In the traditional program in Law, you take the first state examination in all three branches of law after four years. Mannheim law students sit the three examinations in civil law after three years, and the examinations in criminal law and public law after another two years (a procedure called “Abschichtung”). That makes it easier for your to concentrate on specific topics in the exam preparation phase. Many students from other universities even envy us for this opportunity. However, you have to shoulder an additional burden by taking the economic subjects during the first four semesters—which will in turn be rewarded with the title of Bachelor of Laws. It’s important that you take an interest in economic topics like accounting or marketing.

    Another asset of the program is the choice you have after finishing the bachelor’s program as to whether to become a lawyer or pursue a different career.

    The integrated program in Law or the traditional program in Law—it’s up to you to decide which program is best for you. In any case, I’m happy to support you in making the right choice.

  • Study abroad

    You can also spend a semester abroad when studying Law. In the bachelor’s program, you can go abroad for one year in the fifth and sixth semester. You can even earn a double degree at the Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole. But also in the second phase of the program leading to the state examination you can go abroad for one or two semesters.

    The Faculty of Law has partner universities all around the world where you can study without having to pay any additional tuition fees. Taking law courses at a university abroad will provide you with insights into another legal system. For your stay abroad, the University of Mannheim grants you an academic leave of absence. The courses you complete abroad usually cannot be recognized, which is why you will need more time to finish your studies in Mannheim. You still get to sit the six state examinations in two stages (Abschichtung) even if you spend some time abroad.

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