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Current Information on the Application Process

The Admissions Office keeps you up-to-date on the application process in light of the coronavirus situation.

Online application for master's programs suspended - scheduled start 01 May

As at: 31 March 2020 

Currently, it is our first priority to reduce the risk of infection for prospective students and employees as far as possible. This calls for changes in the application process. We need some time to adjust our processes. For now, please refrain from inquiries via e-mail or telephone regarding the status of the process. 

Thank you for understanding. Please stay healthy.
The Team of the Admissions Office

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I apply for master's programs?

    We are planning the beginning of the application period for May 1, 2020. It will be a completely digital application process.

    Everyday, we are receiving e-mails of prospective students who face enormous problems due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. For example: Canceled language and assessment tests, canceled exams at higher eduation institutions, closed offices at the authorities, etc. ...

    Moreover, numerous important decision have to be made on our part and coordinated with various institutions at the university. Simultaneously, the University IT is working on the technical solution.

    So currently, we are busy aligning all the needs for the new application period and implementing a new process. We are confident, this will work by May 1, 2020.

  • What is new regarding application documents?

    We are currently in the process of reorganizing our application procedure to a completely digital process with an online application.

    In the future, you will no longer have to send us documents via mail. You will provide us with your documents by uploading them on a platform.

    Shortly, we will inform you on this website, which documents you need.

  • Why is the application period for master's programs suspended?

    The University of Mannheim offers applicants a two-stage application procedure. Once the online application (1) is complete, applicants need to send their documents via mail (2). The application process is complete only if we receive the documents in hard copy in due time.

    Checking about 20,000 applications for the fall semester that we receive from all over the world usually takes place in large open space offices. In light of the coronavirus spreading, this procedure needs to be changed.

    On the one hand, protecting our employees is our highest priority. On the other hand, we can currently not guarantee that documents from all over the world reach us in a timely manner. Therefore, we are adapting our application process.

  • Is there still an on-campus consultation hour at the Admissions Office?

    Unfortunately, consultation hours are suspended until further notice. However, you can still reach us. Please find the information below. 

  • How can I reach out to the Admissions Office?

    In case of urgent questions regarding your application, please send us an e-mail: Please note that processing your inquiry may take a while. Thank you for your patience.

  • Is the information on the “Application” websites up-to-date?

    No, our general information websites are not up-to-date at the moment. Due to the implications caused by the coronavirus, there will be considerable changes in the application process. Therefore, our websites currently only provide you with a general orientation, as they only reflect the “regular” application process.

    As soon as we can provide you with new information, we will publish them in our brochures Application for Master's Programs and Application for Bachelor’s Programs.

  • Many test centers are closed. Is there an alternative, yet?

    We are working together with the schools and departments to find a suitable solution. As soon as we have decided on a new process, we will inform you. Please be patient.

    Perhaps the following new process is interesting for you, if you have access to the necessary technical equipment: ETS is offering at home testing for the  TOEFL IBT® and the GRE® General Test due to the difficult situation in light of the coronavirus.