Applying for the Correct Semester

For applicants applying for admission to an advanced semester of a bachelor’s program

The examination committee reviews the applications for admission to advanced semesters, and assesses the courses that you completed in your previous degree program and the length of time you have already spent at university. It then determines the semester in which you can join the specified program in Mannheim.

Transferring from Another German Higher Education Institution

If you have already been enrolled in the same degree program, or a degree program with the same name, at another university, and are transferring to the University of Mannheim, the periods of study that you have completed are usually recognized in full. In this case, please apply for the semester which follows the one you last completed. You cannot apply for admission to the first semester of the program.

Changing Degree Program

If you have obtained credits in a different degree program and would like to be admitted to an advanced semester in Mannheim on this basis, please submit an application for admission to the second semester. If you are changing your degree program and are applying for a study place in the third semester of the new program or later, you must upload proof that you have sought advice

If You Are Unsure...

about whether you can apply for admission to an advanced semester, please contact us.