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In an ideal world, the transition from studying to working is smooth. Internships, student assistant positions and part-time jobs enable you to gain practical experience, meet new people, and earn some money while you study. This site lists some of the ways we can support you on your journey to becoming a professional.

The Career Network

The Career Network is the central platform for information on jobs and careers. It is designed for students and businesses, and provides job application practice, workshops, and lists of job opportunities and internships.

Job Opportunities

Lists of internships and job vacancies produced by the university, the schools, and the departmental student committees, all in one place.

Mentoring Program

Students of the university who sign up to Absolventum’s mentoring program are allocated a mentor with practical experience, who can advise them on important career-related topics (use the button in the top right-hand corner to view the page in English).


The STEP by STEP program is offering workshops and information events to prepare international degree-seeking students for their entry into the German labor market.

Founding a Company in Mannheim

We support you throughout the process of turning your idea into a business.