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Job Opportunities

Vacancies at the University of Mannheim

Researchers, teachers, administrative and technical staff members – the University of Mannheim attracts employees at all career stages and from a variety of fields. Working at the university means flexible working arrangements, family-friendly working conditions, and training and development opportunities.

The Career Network’s Job Board

Current employment opportunities at national and international companies from all sectors.

Job Opportunities from the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences lists vacancies for researchers and teachers, administrative staff members and student assistants.

Job Opportunities from the School of Humanities

The Careers Advice Service at the School of Humanities lists opportunities for internships, traineeships, student jobs, and regular jobs, both in Germany and abroad, on their website.

The team is also responsible for recognizing mandatory internships, and advises students on job applications.

Job Opportunities from the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics

The dean's office at the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics provides details of available internships, traineeships and training programs, student jobs, and job vacancies abroad that are particularly suitable for students of Business Informatics and Mathematics.

Careers Mailing List from the Departmental Student Committee for Mathematics and Informatics (FIM)

The FIM’s mailing list contains vacancies that are of interest to students of Business Informatics and Mathematics.

The AStA Online Job Market

The online job market provided by AStA (the general student committee at the university) lists available internships and traineeships, as well as student assistant positions and part-time student jobs (in German only).

Vocational Guidance from the Federal Employment Agency, Mannheim

The Federal Employment Agency’s counseling service provides information on studying, careers, and the labor market. It can give you advice and guidance, and inform you about employment opportunities, before, during and after your studies (in German only).