Kids' University

University is just for grown-ups? No matter whether historical sources, family politics or mathematical optimizaton - at the Kid’s University, you can experience the fun and exciting sides of science.

Here you can find the program of the Kid's University (in German).

During spring 2022, the sessions (which are held in German) will take place on Saturdays. Due to the current situation, the Kid's University is held via Zoom. One week before the respective date you will receive the participation link by e-mail. Taking part in the Kids' University is free of charge. However, since the number of participants in each session is limited, we ask you to register early.

Please note: In order to able to issue the Kids’ University diplomas, the university needs to know which participants were not only registered, but also present during the online lectures. We will therefore download a list of names of all attendees via Zoom. Therefore, if you would like your participation in the lecture to be counted for your diploma, please register with your real name. By participating in the event you agree to this procedure. We will use the data exclusively for the issuing of the children's university diplomas and will not pass them on to third parties.

If you attend four or more lectures throughout the academic year, you will be given a certificate.


Anmeldung Kinder-Uni

Anmeldung Kinder-Uni

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