Coronavirus: FAQs for International Degree Seeking Students

Last update: 27 September 2021

You will find answers to many frequently asked questions on this website and in the links below. We will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and will inform you continuously, here as well as via our website. For questions regarding courses and exams have a look at Coronavirus: Information for Students. Please also make sure to check your University of Mannheim e-mail account regularly!

Should any questions arise, contact the Team International Degree-Seeking Students via email: degreeseekings

    What regulations are in place and where can I find information in English?

  • Coronavirus Vaccination

    Where can I get vaccinated?

    Residents of the city of Mannheim can receive a vaccination at the „Impfpunkt Mannheim“with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. Please make an appointment online first. The “Impfpunkt” is located in the Mannheim university hospital (Universitäts­klinikum Mannheim), in house 37, level 1, west entrance by the river Neckar (close to Friedrich-Ebert-Bridge).

    On, you will find information on current vaccination offers in Baden-Württemberg. It is also possible to get vaccinated at many physicians' offices.

    Digital vaccination record

    Starting at the end of June, vaccinated individuals will be able to digitally store information about their vaccine on their smartphone – either in the CovPass app or in the Corona Warn app.

    Further information on the digital vaccination certificate can be found here.

    Further information:

  • Classroom Pass

    As of this fall semester, you need a Classroom Pass in order to participate in in-person classes or to study at one of the university’s work stations. The Classroom Pass is your confirmation that you provided the University of Mannheim with a 3G proof.

    On this website, you'll find out where the Classroom Pass Center is located, which documents you must bring and to find other important questions and answers about the Classroom Pass Center.

    Please note: As of 11 October, most people will have to pay for Covid-19 rapid tests in Germany. If you are not eligible for vaccination or if there is no vaccination recommendation for you, you are exempt from this provision. Students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine which has not been authorized by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (f.ex. Sinovav, Sputnik V, etc.), will continue to receive Covid-19 rapid tests for free until 31 December 2021.

  • Current Regulations

    The new regulations of the Corona Ordinance apply from Monday, August 16. Restrictions are now dependent on proof of completed vaccination against the corona virus or proof of recovery. If you cannot provide either, you will need to provide a negative Covid-19 test performed by an official test provider no longer than 24 hours ago. The following regulations are in effect:

    Mandatory masks and hygiene concepts:

    • In most public areas (public transport, in workplaces, shops, doctor’s offices etc.) you are required to wear a medical mask (FFP1 or FFP2).
    • In public areas, you are required to keep a distance of 1.50 meters to other people. Whenever it is impossible to maintain the required distance, please wear a protective mask
    • In Jungbusch in Mannheim, the sale or consumption of alcohol in public areas is prohibited from 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

    The 3G rule:

    • The 3Gs stand for vaccinated, tested or recovered.
    • A fully vaccinated person is a person who has been fully vaccinated with a vaccination approved by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut at least 14 days ago and has received the complete number of vaccine doses required for the respective vaccine.
    • Proof of vaccination can be provided on your international vaccination card or with the vaccination certificate you received after being vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated in the EU, information about your vaccination can be saved in the Corona-Warn or CovPass-App.
    • Persons that have recovered from a coronavirus infection need to prove their infection and recovery by means of a molecular biological test (polymerase chain reaction – PCR test) taken within six months up to 28 days prior to the current day and need to be symptom free.

    Where do I need proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative Covid-19 test (3G proof)?

    • Hairdressers and other body-related services. Wearing a medical mask is required.
    • Restaurants and bars with indoor seating
    • Tourist accommodation, bus tours and cruises
    • Galleries, museums, concerts, theaters
    • Indoor sports, for example gyms
    • Clubs (if not vaccinated or recovered, a negative PCR test must be presented to enter a club)
    • Events (indoor or outdoor) with more than 5000 visitors or where a distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained, such as city tours, concerts, theater performances, festivals, sporting events, etc.

    Where do I not need 3G proof?

    • Retail businesses. Wearing a medical mask is required.
    • Only picking up food. Wearing a medical mask is required.
    • Religious events. Wearing a medical mask is required.
    • Outdoor sport. You are required to wear a medical mask if you cannot maintain a distance of 1.5 meters to other persons.

    Please keep in mind that due to the current epidemiological situation specific rules may be in place in your city/municipality. Please stay informed!

    For more detailed information:


  • Where can I get tested?

    If you need to get tested or are in need of medical attention in case of a (possible) infection with Corona, you can find a map with doctor’s offices which offer testing and treatment here.
    When contacting the doctor’s office, please always do so via phone first and clarify the following procedure. They will provide you with more information regarding your current situation.

    Please find the instructions for how to use the map and a list of doctor’s offices in Mannheimhere.

    Where can I get a rapid test (Schnelltest)?

    Here you can find a map with test locations in Mannheim.

    Please note: As of 11 October, most people will have to pay for Covid-19 rapid tests in Germany. If you are not eligible for vaccination or if there is no vaccination recommendation for you, you are exempt from this provision. Students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine which has not been authorized by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (f.ex. Sinovav, Sputnik V, etc.), will continue to receive Covid-19 rapid tests for free until 31 December 2021.


  • Corona Warning App

    The Corona-Warn-App helps to quickly disrupt chains of infection. It turns your smartphone into a warning system. The app informs us if we have had contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. It protects us and others around us, as well as our privacy. You can download the app here.

    In addition, test results from Corona rapid antigen tests and vaccination certificates can be integrated via QR code. This way, the app can serve as a digital proof of vaccination.

  • Pandemic-related entry and transport restrictions

    Test obligation for air entry

    If you want to fly to Germany, you have to show a negative corona test before taking off abroad. Proof of vaccination or of recovery from Covid-19 can replace a negative test certificate and exempt you from quarantine on entry. This does not apply if you have spent time in an area of variants of concern prior to entry. Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

    Before entering Germany, you must carry out a digital registration on entry if you have spent time in a risk area within the ten days prior to your entry. Please enter information on the places you stayed over the previous ten days via the website. Before transporting you to your destination, your carrier, as a rule, will check whether you are in possession of a confirmation. Otherwise, the carrier will not be allowed to take you.

    Please find more detailed information here: Current information for travellers

  • Do I have to go into quarantine if I am returning to Germany from abroad?

    Before entering Germany, you are required to register at and carry the confirmation with you when travelling.

    • If you have spent time in a risk area, you must remain isolated at home for a period of ten days (home quarantine). If you have spent time in an area of variants of concern prior to entry, you will need to quarantine for 14 days.
    • During the quarantine period, you are not allowed to leave your house or apartment, nor receive guests.
    • Quarantine at home may be ended prematurely if proof of recovery, proof of vaccination or a negative test result is submitted via the Federal Republic of Germany entry portal

    Please note: If you have spent time in a high-incidence area prior to entry, the relevant test may not be conducted earlier than five days after entry. Following a stay in an area of variants of concern, the 14-day duration of quarantine may not be shortened.

    Further information can be found here:

    Information on the recognition of tests for SARS-CoV-2 for persons arriving in Germany from risk areas

    Baden-Württemberg – Entry Quarantine and Testing

    Corona Testzentrum Mannheim – Testing available without an appointment (at a fee)

  • Where can I find the latest news on the current situation and the coronavirus in English?

    Many non-German native speakers are facing quite a challenge to stay on top of the news concerning the development of the situation of the coronavirus in Germany. You can for example find current news from Germany in English here:

    More information in English:

    German Federal Foreign Office:

    German Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Community:

    Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration



    General questions regarding living in Mannheim

  • I am in quarantine – how can I get my groceries?

    If you are in quarantine and need to get groceries, there are a couple of options. In order for you not to leave the house, some grocery stores now offer their products online and deliver anything from groceries to drugstore products to your door-step. 

    In the following you can find instructions for two online grocery stores and how to use their online offer: 

    Many restaurants in Mannheim also deliver their dishes. You can order either directly from the respective restaurants or via the delivery service Lieferando.

  • I am moving and need to de-/register my place of residence

    If you live in Mannheim, you must register/de-register in one of the Citizen Service office's of Mannheim. You can register without an appointment during the opening hours.

    Please keep in mind that you must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth during the appointment!

    The following documents are required for registration:

    - Passport
    Completed registration form (available at the residents' registration office or at the International Office)
    Landlord's confirmation of residency (The form must be filled in and signed by your landlord. If you live in a residence hall of the Studierendenwerk, you will receive the form from the janitor when you move in).


    I don't know what to do with my time

  • Digital offers for international degree seeking students


    Get-together for international students and refugees interested in studying

    You have only recently arrived in Mannheim and would like to meet fellow students? Or are you already an old stager, but currently miss the great variety of events at the university?

    Then we have just the thing for you: Our Online-Stammtisch!

    The Online-Stammtisch is a get-together for all internationals who like to meet new people, try out new things or simply are in need of company. In collaboration with the initiative Nice To Meet You, the Online-Stammtisch takes place approximately every three weeks from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. with varying themes. At our next Stammtisch, you will get to know some of the student initiatives at the University of Mannheim. Join us if you want to meet new people and are interested in joining one of our initiatives.


    Thursday, 16 September 2021                  

    Let's get cooking!

    Event Language: German

    Thursday, 7 October 2021

    Initiatives of the University of Mannheim

    Event Language: English

    Thursday, 28 October 2021

    Halloween: Pumpkin Carving

    Event Language: German

    Thursday, 18 November 2021

    Pilates: Strength and Stretch

    Event Language: English

    Thursday, 9 December 2021

    Christmas Party

    Event Language: German

    See you there!


    We will send a circular email with details and Zoom info to all international students and prospective students one to two days before the next Online-Stammtisch. If you have any questions or topic suggestions, feel free to send us an email: degreeseekings

  • I am feeling a bit lost

    If you feel you need support and somone to talk to the psychologists at the Psychological Counseling Center of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim are offering telephone counseling: PBS Psych. Counseling Center

    For all of us these times are very unusual and some of you may be confronted with new insecurities and challenges. In order to help you deal with some of the challenges you might be facing at the moment, we have compiled a few helpful links and ideas:

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