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Transcripts and Graduation Documents

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is a document listing all coursework and examinations you have completed during your bachelor’s or master’s program. There are different document versions of the transcript, which the Express Service is happy to issue for you upon request.

Graduation documents

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you will receive your graduation documents.

These include your diploma, your degree certificate, and a Diploma Supplement.

  • With the diploma, you are awarded your academic degree.
  • The degree certificate states your final grade and, if applicable, your grades for individual areas or modules, the ECTS credits earned or details on the weighting, the title of your final thesis, including the name of your examiner, as well as the official graduation date.
  • The Diploma Supplement contains details on your program of studies, the academic degree you received, and the higher education institution you attended. It also includes a Transcript of Records listing the grades and ECTS credits for all coursework and examinations you passed, and, in select programs, an ECTS grading table. The Diploma Supplement is issued in English.


Express Service

Express Service

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