One-off Payment to Relieve Energy Costs

On 21 December 2022, the act on a one-off payment to relieve energy costs for students (“Studierenden-Energiepreispauschalengesetz (EPPSG)”) entered into force. The act provides for a one-off payment of 200 euros to enrolled students and enrolled doctoral students. The relevant date is the 1 December 2022 – this means students must have been enrolled on this date in order to be eligible to apply for the payment. A permanent place of residence or a habitual residence in the Federal Republic of Germany is another prerequisite for application. Guest students are not entitled to apply.

On 15 March 2023, all students eligible for application received an e-mail with more information. In addition, an individual access code as well as a PIN was provided on Portal².  On, you will find extensive information on the process, on setting up a BundID account and on submitting the application.

Students can apply for the one-off payment by 30 September 2023 at the latest (definitive deadline).

Information on data protection

Here you will find the data protection information for the implementation of the act on a one-off payment to relieve energy costs for students (EPPSG).

  • BundID

    All students eligible to apply for the payment must create a BundID user account in advance. Without a BundID user account, it is not possible to apply for the payment to relieve energy costs.

    There are two types of BundID user accounts:

    1. with a high level of protection: The electronic feature of the new ID card or the electronic residence card, the European eID for EU citizens or the personal ELSTER certificate are used for authentication.
    2. with a low level of protection: If you do not have the option to use one of the above mentioned authentication methods, the University of Mannheim will provide you with a PIN in a letter (pdf), which you can find under My Studies > Student Services in Portal². In addition to the PIN, you still need a basic BundID account with a user name and password to submit your application.
  • Access code

    The access code is needed to submit an application: The access code serves as proof that you are eligible to apply.

    The University of Mannheim will provide you with the access code via the EPPSG portlet on the start page of Portal².

  • Application

    Students have to apply for the one-off payment to relieve energy costs themselves and only via the central web portal Submitting your application in another form is not possible. You can only apply for the payment by 30 September 2023 (definitive deadline). You can contact the “” information hotline here.

    After successful submission of the application, only the Landesamt für Ausbildungförderung, the relevant state office at the Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart, will check the eligibility and decide on granting the payment for all students in Baden-Württemberg. They will also send you the official notification.

    The University of Mannheim is only indirectly involved in this process. Please note that the University of Mannheim is not responsible for the application process and the payment. Please understand that the University of Mannheim cannot comment or influence the application process. We assume that the central office in Baden-Württemberg responsible for reviewing the applications and making the payments will contact the University of Mannheim directly if there are any issues in order to solve these as soon as possible and make the payment.

    The role of the University of Mannheim

    • The University of Mannheim prepares a list of the students who were enrolled on 1 December 2022 and who are entitled to apply for the one-off payment. Mid-March 2023, the university will transmit this encrypted list once to the relevant state coordination office.
    • Providing the access code and PIN in Portal²

    For further information on the one-off payment to relieve energy costs, please see the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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