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If you require several certificates, please send us a separate form for each order. Please do not request further orders via the comment field. Further processing may otherwise be delayed. Thank you very much!
Certificates are generally not sent to private e-mail addresses. If your university e-mail address has already been deactivated due to de-registration, please additionally enter your private e-mail address in the comment field.
All transcripts of records show a provisional average grade. They are issued electronically and are valid without a signature. The certificate can be verified via a verification number at The verification number replaces the signature and seal. If you still require a signed Transcript of Records, please indicate this in the comments field.
If you are not able to pickup the documents in person, please send a separate e-mail including your details and preferred address (e-mail or postal address) to
You will receive further information about booking an appointment for the pickup by e-mail.