Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel


Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK, an expert in applying findings from Cognitive Science to education, and an enthusiastic science communicator. She obtained her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Mannheim and pursued postdoc positions at York University in Toronto and the Center for Integrative Research in Cognition, Learning, and Education (CIRCLE) at Washington University in St. Louis.

Her expertise focuses on learning and memory phenomena that allow implementation to educational settings to offer teachers and students a wide range of strategies that promote long-term retention. Carolina is convinced that psychological research should serve the public and, to that end, engages heavily in scholarly outreach and science communication. She is a member of the Learning Scientists and founded the Teaching Innovation & Learning Enhancement (TILE) network – which brings different disciplines and sectors together to discuss how to overcome prevailing issues in education with research-based approaches. Carolina is passionate about teaching and aims at providing her students with the best learning experience possible.

In her free time, Carolina enjoys going on family trips to explore the beauty of Scotland, listening to her vinyl records, reading books, or watching movies and series.

Title Of The Keynote

An Honest Reflection Of An Academic Journey


In her talk Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel will reflect on her academic journey and detail the lessons that she learned along the way. Drawing from personal experience and anecdotes, she will elaborate on hands-on recommendations for life after the PhD. She will offer an international and family-oriented perspective on the topic and highlight turning points on her academic journey which ultimately led her to where – and possibly who – she is as an academic. To broaden the scope of the talk, she will add viewpoints and tips from other academics as well. She will conclude with a discussion about do’s/don’ts and an overview of further resources.