Workshop Contribution

The overarching goal of the A-Dok is that the workshop participants mutually present their dissertation project or parts of it. Participants should benefit from their presentation by receiving feedback about their research ideas and results in pleasant atmosphere resulting in fruitful discussions.



Talks and posters can be presented in German or Englisch.

The language of the abstract should correspond to the language of the presentation. That is, if your abstract is written in Englisch the language of your talk or poster should be English, too and vice versa for German. 

You can also participate in the workshop without an own contribution.

We are particularly pleased about the participation of Postdocs – with or without a poster presentation. 


A contribution in form of a talk is particularly well-suited for those of you who would like to present (publication-ready) results that were collected throughout your dissertation project. 

Your talk should not take longer than 15 min. including the discussion.



A contribution in form of a poster is particularly well-suited for those of you who would like to present work in progress, first experimental results or a more basic research idea.

Please keep in mind that the content of your poster needs to fit into DIN A0 portrait format (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm).