Art and Culture

Whether it's photography, a concert or a play – art moves us and helps us to see familiar things from a different perspective. That’s why the corridors and rooms at the university regularly host exhibitions by renowned artists. If you would like to go on stage or get involved musically, there are various groups at the university for you to join, including the university orchestra, the choir and the College Jazz Orchestra.

The Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy awards the Bronnbach Scholarship to outstanding students from Mannheim so that they can develop cultural competences and gain insights into creative processes.

University Orchestra

The Mannheim University Orchestra rehearses new songs every semester and welcomes students from all institutions as well as working people.

University Choir

The Mannheim University Choir has more than 80 members and welcomes every additional person who wants to sing with us.

University Big Band

The University Big Band is directed by Jochen Welsch. The program is very extensive and is renewed and expanded every semester.

University Theater

The University Theater produces a full-length drama production over the course of two semesters. New productions start in the fall semester.