ABSOLVENTUM photo exhibition

Several students took part in the second ABSOLVENTUM photo contest and submitted their photographs on the theme #modernezeiten (meaning “modern times”). A selection of thirty photographs is now on display in the ABSOLVENTUM hallway in the Schloss Westflügel, offering viewers new perspectives on the technical and social upheavals of our time. For example, you can see the winning photograph by Ziad Elgendy: It shows a tourist on the slopes of the Bromo volcano in Indonesia being led to the summit on horseback while looking at the screen of his smartphone.

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Ariane Hagl: “Aufgerissen” (“Ripped open”)

Since September 2019, the Munich artist Ariane Hagl has been displaying nearly 100 of her works in the exhibition called “Aufgerissen” at the University of Mannheim. She painted some of her artworks specifically for the exhibition. Black and white collages are on display on the ground floor in the Schloss Ostflügel, and colorful works can be seen in the halls of the library administration as well as in the Central Lending Library of the Schloss Westflügel. The exhibition was officially opened on 26 November 2019 at 6 p.m. in the Ostflügel.

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Robert Häusser corridor in the Schloss Westflügel

Following the two-year renovation of the Westflügel or west wing of the Schloss Mannheim, it has been filled with new life. After the law school moved back to the Westflügel, more works by photographer Robert Häusser have been displayed there since April 2016. In addition to Häusser’s exhibition “Lebens-Räume” (“Living Spaces”) in the Schloss Ostflügel, eight large-format paintings from various groups of his artistic oeuvre will be presented (first floor).

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Horst Hamann: “5 Stationen” (“5 Stations”)

With its high walls and wide corridors, the Schloss seems ideal for Horst Hamann’s panoramic photos. Since June 2014, the University of Mannheim has been displaying about 70 works of the Mannheim artist here.

The photographer achieved his breakthrough in New York. With “New York Vertical” he captured the metropolis from a completely new perspective. The panoramic format – whether vertically or horizontally – plays an essential role in his work, as does his second home, the USA. The exhibition “5 Stationen” at the University of Mannheim displays some of his most important panoramic works. At the same time, it shows his beginnings and also presents Mannheim in extreme photo format.

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Abstract art in the Senatssaal

Since October 2018, the Senatssaal is decorated with the works of the artist Georg Baselitz. By rotating his works, Georg Baselitz breaks with conventions and gives the viewer a new, more abstract perspective on art. The exhibition is made possible by a loan from the Würth Art Collection.

Adhesive tape animals in the Hasso Plattner Library

In the reading room of the Hasso Plattner Library, visitors can admire a very exceptional piece of art by Ina Grützbach: An animal plastic art made entirely of adhesive tape.

The Artgenossen, young art lovers of the association of the Kunsthalle art gallery in Mannheim, have made their art acquisition available to the university on permanent loan. The photographer, sculptor and multimedia artist Ina Grützbach uses diverse materials in her work, leaving the viewer in awe.

Artist   |   Article in FORUMonline

Hays Forum: Changing art

In the Hays Forum in the foyer of the Schneckenhof Ost, exhibitions change on a regular basis. This is made possible by the personnel service provider Hays, which is part of the “Renaissance of the Baroque Castle”. The Mannheim gallery theuer + scherr is responsible for selecting the artworks.

Exhibition of 2018

Graffiti artwork in the Mannheim Business Administration Library

Various internationally renowned graffiti artists show their works in the Business Administration Library and transform it into an art gallery. The works impress with their graphic imagery and encourage the viewers to make their own interpretations. The exhibition is made possible by a permanent loan from Mannheim graduate Christian Hoste.

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Robert Häusser: Lebens-Räume (Living Spaces)

Häusser's black and white photographs capture landscape and buildings devoid of people and show perspectives as well as lighting conditions that could hardly be perceived with the naked eye. In February 2011, the exhibition “Lebens-Räume” (Living Spaces) by the Mannheim artist Robert Häusser was launched on the first floor of the Schloss Ostflügel. 19 large-format photos of his group of works “Behausungen” (“Housings”) can be seen there.
In 1995, the internationally renowned photographer of the post-war period was the first German to receive the “Hasselblad Award” which is considered the “Nobel Prize of photography”.

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Heftige Malerei (“Wild paintings”): On loan from the Deutsche Bank

Intense colors, dynamic gestures – in the late 1970s, the representatives of the “Heftige Malerei” (“Wild paintings”) consciously set themselves apart from the existing movements of Minimal or Concept Art. With their neo-expressive paintings, a young generation vitalized the medium of painting at that time. The Sammlung Deutsche Bank owns a significant collection of paintings and works on paper by these artists. A selection of these works has been on loan to the Hasso Plattner Library in the Mittelbau of the Schloss since 2008.

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