The University Theater

For over 30 years, the adjunct lecturer Thomas Butz directed the theater of the University of Mannheim. The group was called “Compagnia Palatina” and was one of the oldest university theater groups in Germany. Butz developed over 40 plays together with the actors for which he received the university medal in July 2003. After 2003, it turned quiet around the university theater.

In September 2019, the theater at the university was newly established under the name “drama unima”. The Studium Generale of the University of Mannheim and the President of the university, Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, played a significant role in this process. Christine Heinzel, visiting scholar in the Studium Generale, is the director of the theater.

The first production of the newly founded group is the comedy “Ach diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke” (“Oh, this void, this unspeakable void”) based on the best-selling novel by Joachim Meyerhoff.

Director Christine Heinzel

Christine Heinzel is a graduate of the University of Mannheim and has been a member of ABSOLVENTUM from the very beginning. Therefore, she has remained closely linked to the University of Mannheim.

During her studies in business administration, she was already working as a tutor for marketing and focused on marketing with Prof. Dr. Hans Raffée, organizational studies with Prof. Dr. Alfred Kieser and market and advertising psychology. Later she managed major international projects for various consumer goods manufacturers as a marketing director for over 15 years. After a four-year stay abroad with her family on the east coast of the USA, she now works as a teacher at various universities and as a trainer for institutions of public administration in Baden-Württemberg.

In parallel to her career in marketing, she has been working in the amateur theater scene in the Bergstraße region since 1999. She initially started as an actress, before becoming an assistant director and eventually a director of over 30 full-length productions with a total of five amateur theater groups. Because of this practical work and her continuing training as a play director at the Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg, she has considerable experience in the training of actors, staging techniques as well as production management including advertising, technology and stage construction.