Workshop Current developments (at universities) in Data Science – a networking event for Data Science initiatives! 29 September 2023, Berlin

Together with the Data Science Center of the University of Bremen and the Digital Science Center of the University of Kiel, MCDS is organizing a workshop at the Informatik2023 conference in Berlin.



With this workshop we invite representatives of different Data Science initiatives to an interdisciplinary exchange. The goal is to enable sustainable networking in the community and to lay the foundation for future collaboration. An overview of successful concepts and implementation strategies will be provided and future challenges and opportunities of the digital age will be discussed.

Data science is considered a key discipline of the 21st century and a central component of the digital transformation. With forward-looking methods such as machine learning, new insights can be gained even from complex data.

Due to the increasing importance of this interdisciplinary science, various research structures, such as Data Science Centers, but also innovative study programs, qualification offers and further education programs have been established at German universities.

For more information and the possibility to submit contributions, please visit the website of the Data Science Center of the University of Bremen.

Please note that the workshop will be conducted in German.