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The Mannheim Center for Data Science works closely with the industry. Research projects and events are initiated jointly through partnerships and cooperations.

Fields of Competence

Our wide-ranging competencies across the central areas of data science offer a broad variety of possibilities of cooperation.

Information Integration Automatic and interactive semantic matching methods for conceptual models, database schemas and process models.
Combining Analytics and Decision Support Predict activities based on low level sensor data and derive process descriptions as a basis for decision support.
Unstructured Data Analysis State of the art methods from information retrieval and text analytics for supporting document-oriented processes in companies.
Communications and Diffusion Strategies in Social Media We analyze communications, seeding and diffusion strategies and suggests policies on how to capitalize on online social networks in order to increase brand awareness.
From Customer Journey Analytics to Digital Customer Management In our research, we develop key metrics and tools on how to gain insight and derive implications from big data on consumer behavior. In the context of social listening, we determine how your brand or industry is perceived by customers by analyzing digital news.
Revenue Models in the Digital Age The focus of our research is to find insights on how to determine the optimal price strategy for paid content, how to decide on how much content should be paid and how to ultimately maximize revenues from users and advertisers.

Benefits of Cooperation

Transfer of Knowledge

Scientifically based insights and solutions for your matters and innovative ideas for your business.


Exchange ideas with practitioners and academics at eye level and get valuable impetus.

Scientific Research

Get involved with science and support future-oriented projects.


We are happy to share our knowledge at conferences, seminars and lectures with you, your employees or your customers.


We offer you an exclusive platform for presenting your company at the University of Mannheim.


Work together with an experienced and internationally renowned group of experts.

Maximilian Beichert, M.Sc.

Maximilian Beichert, M.Sc.

Contact person for business requests with the Mannheim Center for Data Science

For further information please contact Maximilian Beichert.