The program of the 15th Conference of the Section Method & Evaluation contains contributions on new developments and innovative applications of research and evaluation methods in psychology. The program includes different kinds of contributions in English and German language.

Kinds of contributions

  • Symposia: 4 to 5 talks on a common topic that are jointly submitted
  • Sessions: 4 to 5 thematically related talks that are arranged to sessions by the organising team
  • Short presentations (posters): Concise research presentation as part of a poster session
  • Keynote lectures: Invited talks on selected focus topics of the conference
  • Workshops: On 18th September, several workshops will be held in parallel on focus topics of the conference.

Conference language

The conference program contains contributions in English and German language. Contributions that are submitted in English language, and that are announced in English in the program, will be held in English at the conference.

Conference Program

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Young Members

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