Abstract submission

The 15th Conference of the Section ‘Methods & Evaluation’ invites submissions of symposia, individual talks and short presentations. Abstracts can be written in English or German. The language of the abstract determines the language of the presentation at the conference.

Please find below the general guidelines for abstracts and specific information for the kinds of contributions, and follow the instructions for your submission. Due to the limited number of symposia and talks that can be included in the conference program, the kind of contribution at the conference may differ from the kind of contribution suggested in the submission. Authors will be notified of the kind of contribution together with the information whether the abstract has been accepted.

Abstracts can be submitted via the ConfTool  software. For that purpose, you first have to create an account as ConfTool user. With your account, you can then submit an abstract and register for the conference.

The deadline for abstract submissions ends on 30th April, 2021.

Link to ConfTool: https://www.conftool.net/fgme2021/



  • General guidelines for abstracts

    Contributions to the conference can present new developments or innovative applications of research and evaluation methods in psychology.

    Please choose the preferred kind of contribution (i.e., symposium, individual talk, short presentation) for your submission. The final decision about acceptance and the actual kind of contribution in the conference program will be taken on the basis of all submissions and the available time slots for the different kinds of contribution.

    Abstracts may not exceed 250 words. Please do not use equations or symbols in your abstract that cannot be presented in the text field. Abstracts should also not include a reference list. Please enter your abstract in the dedicated text field and thoroughly proofread the text before submission, so that the text can be copied to the book of abstracts. Please note that author names and the title of your presentation should not be entered in the text field for the abstract.

    There are extra text fields for the author names and the title of the contribution. For each author, please enter the given name first and the surname second. Please also specify the affiliation of authors (University/institution and country, but no details concerning department etc.). Note that authors will be printed in the book of abstracts in the order in which they are entered in the author list. Each author can submit only one abstract as first author and presenting author.

    Please select at least one thematic category for your submission from the given menu. Selection of more than one category is possible.

    The deadline for abstract submissions ends on 30th April, 2021. Presenting authors have to register for participation by 30th June, 2021, at the latest. Otherwise the presentation cannot be included in the conference program and book of abstracts.

  • Submission of symposia

    A symposium is a collection of 4 or 5 thematically coherent contributions that are presented in a 90-minutes session. The session is chaired by the convenors of the symposium. The contributions to a symposium have to be submitted and presented consistently in English or German language.

    To submit a symposium, each of the contributions has to be submitted as a “talk” and assigned to the respective symposium, including the title of the symposium and the names of the convenors. Please follow the “general guidelines for abstracts” in preparing and submitting the contributions of the symposium.

    The convenors of symposia are asked to send an email to fgme2021@uni-mannheim.de with the following information on the symposium as a whole:

    (a) Names of the convenors of the symposium

    (b) Title of the symposium

    (c) List of contributions, incl. authors and titles

  • Submission of talks

    Individual talks will be grouped to sessions of 90 minutes with 4 to 6 presentations per session. In arranging the sessions, the organisers will aim at thematic coherence of the presentations within the same session. As an additional criterion, talks will be grouped according to the language of submission, so that the presentations within a session are consistently in English or German language.

    To submit a talk, please follow the “general guidelines for abstracts”.

  • Submission of short presentation (posters)

    Short presentations/posters will be recorded as videos before the conference and arranged to thematically structured poster sessions. During the poster sessions, the videos will be presented and discussed with the authors.

    To submit a short presentation (poster), please follow the “general guidelines for abstracts”.