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This could be your star Dr. Günter Arheit This could be your tree This could be your window Here could be your name Ursula Thurn-Maurer Prof. Dr. Thomas Fetzer Dekan Joachim Lutz Here could be your name Dorothea and Prof. Dr. Alfred Storck

Winter Lights 2022

Join the University of Mannheim Foundation in lighting up Mannheim palace during advent. With every donation exceeding 250 euros, the virtual baroque palace becomes more beautiful and festive because your contribution illuminates the windows and doors of the palace as well as the stars and Christmas trees in the image.

When you hover your mouse over the illuminated element in the virtual image of the palace or tap it with your finger on touch devices, pop-ups with the names of the donors will appear. Maybe you would like to give a star, a window or a Christmas tree as a symbolic gift for Christmas?

Supporting the Deutschland Scholarship

We use your donations for the winter lights to support Deutschland Scholarships at the University of Mannheim and thus particularly talented and committed students. The Deutschland is a program for talented students which is funded by the federal government as well as private individuals, institutions, and companies. We are happy to put your name on the list of the Deutschland Scholarship sponsors.

We are looking forward to your winter lights and scholarships and wish you a great start to the holiday season, merry Christmas, and a good start to the New Year.

Choose your category

Windows side wings or star
Your contribution: EUR 250 / still available: 96

Upper windows Mittelbau
Your contribution: EUR 500 / still available: 7

Lower windows Mittelbau
Your contribution: EUR 1,000 / still available: 8

Door Mittelbau or Christmas tree
Your contribution: EUR 2,000 / still available: 10

Door Gartensaal
Your contribution: EUR 10,000 / still available: 1

Or feel free to donate any amount of your choice to support the Deutschland Scholarship.

More about the winter lights campaign

  • How can I participate?

    Choose the amount you wish to contribute to the Deutschland Scholarship and illuminate the Mannheim palace.

    If you decide to donate for one of the categories, your name will appear within a few days as a pop-up in the virtual image of the palace. This means that when you hover your mouse over the illuminated element or tap it with your finger on touch devices, your name will appear. In addition, we will put your name on the list of donors on our website as a thank you.

    If you wish to illuminate an element in the virtual image, your contribution needs to be received by 6 January 2023. After that, your contributions are still welcome, but they will only be put on the list of donors. Should we receive your donation between 22 December 2022 and 1 January 2023, the relevant elements will not be lit until 2 January 2023 due to the holidays.

    Donations of at least 50 euros possible
    Smaller donations of at least 50 euros are also more than welcome. Your name will be put on the list of donors as well.

    We cannot guarantee that you will get an element in the image, as there is only a limited number available for each category.

  • Use our online donation form or donate via bank transfer

    You can simply use our online donation form or donate directly to our bank account by using your name and address as a payment reference:

    Stiftung Universität Mannheim, BNP Paribas
    IBAN: DE25 7603 0080 0300 0153 17
    Donation purpose: “Winterlichter DStip“

  • Donation certificate, gift receipt, naming opportunity

    If you wish to make a donation as a gift to someone, we would appreciate a brief note so that we can send you a printable donation certificate in PDF format. 

    All donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a gift receipt in due time.

    In addition, we will publish your name, or the name of the person receiving your gift, on our website. If you donate in one of the fixed categories, it will also appear on the virtual image of the palace. Should you not want us to publish your name, please contact us. Of course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

Thank you for your winter lights

  • All donors

    The donors are listed in alphabetical order.

    • Dr. Günter Arheit
    • Prof. Dr. Colin Atkinson
    • Hans-Jürgen Ernst
    • Prof. Dr. Thomas Fetzer
    • Ingrid und Prof. a.D Gunter Kaufmann
    • Dr. Sabine Kuster
    • Lochbühler Aufzüge GmbH
    • Dekan Joachim Lutz
    • Dieter Münch
    • Dr. Karl Schneider
    • Dorothea und Prof. Dr. Alfred Storck
    • Ursula Thurn-Maurer
    • Andreas Troche

    We also thank everyone who wants to remain anonymous.