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FAiR@UMA - Family Assistance in Research Special Program

Funding for researchers to hire student and research assistants during periods of increased family responsibilities due to the measures adopted in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus

The nationwide measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic also pose a challenge to the field of science and research. Researchers who are in the qualification phase and have family members or children to look after are under considerable strain due to the closure of care facilities and schools and the resulting time needed for caregiving and/or home schooling. The special program of the FAiR@UMA (Family Assistance in Research) initiative will support you during this phase.

You can apply to us for student and research assistant funds in an unbureaucratic application procedure. The student and research assistant will support you at all stages of your research publications, carry out research work, collect data, and take care of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Please note: In order to be able to apply for funds for student and research assistants, you must be actively employed at the University of Mannheim, regardless of the number of working hours.

Target group:

Researchers who are in the qualification phase (doctoral students, postdocs, junior professors) at the University of Mannheim and who are either caring for a family member or living in the same household with at least one child under the age of 16. Researchers living separately from their partners and in a different household than their children are eligible to apply if their partner is working in an area considered critical infrastructure according to section 1 (6) and (7) of the corona decree (Corona-VO).

Type of funding:

Financial funds for a student or research assistant with a maximum number of working hours per month of

Student or research assistant

maximum number of hours per month

without a degree


with a bachelor's degree


with a master’s degree


Funding period:

Up to 8 months, until December 2020 at the longest

Deadline for submitting the application:



Jasmin Greff

Jasmin Greff

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University of Mannheim
Stabsstelle Gleichstellung und soziale Vielfalt
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68159 Mannheim
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Alexandra Raquet

Alexandra Raquet

Leiterin der Stabsstelle Gleichstellung und soziale Vielfalt
University of Mannheim
Stabsstelle Gleichstellung und soziale Vielfalt
B 6, 30-32 – Room 020
68159 Mannheim