Lorenz-von-Stein Prize

Every year, the Lorenz-von-Stein-Gesellschaft awards the Lorenz-von-Stein Prize. The prizewinners are selected by the board of the Gesellschaft (Society). The Lorenz-von-Stein-Gesellschaft is a registered association for the promotion of the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES). Learn more about the Society’s goals on the website of the MZES.

Prof. Thomas Gschwend

Prof. Dr. Marc Debus (ex officio)
Dr. Philipp Heldmann
Prof. Dr. Irena Kogan
Dr. Andreas Weber

Purpose of the prize

Each year, the Lorenz-von-Stein Prize goes to one student with an outstanding dissertation in the subjects of Political Science, Social Psychology or Sociology. The prize is given as part of the graduation ceremony of the School of Social Sciences and is worth 1,000 euros.

Application process:
Eligible dissertations can be proposed by the relevant supervisor. The prizewinner is selected by the board of the Lorenz-von-Stein-Gesellschaft. Prizewinning dissertations should be published, if possible.