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Advice on Choosing a Program

What shall I do when I’m older? Do I really want to study? And if I do, what shall I study? Shall I go to a university or a university of applied sciences? Shall I study near to my family? Or somewhere further away? Deciding what to do after you finish school is one of life’s first big decisions. Some people like to think about the pros and cons, others decide more intuitively. Regardless of how you make your decision, we can support you.

Aptitude Tests

Mandatory Aptitude Tests

Prospective students have to include proof that they have taken an aptitude test with their application. This document doesn’t contain your results. It just proves that you have taken the test.
You can find the aptitude tests, which are only available in German, here:

What shall I study? 
By taking the aptitude test, you can find out which programs best suit you. You’ll be given a certificate once the test is completed. 
What shall I study? 

SIT Orientation Test
As an alternative to the aptitude test, we also accept a certificate which proves you have taken the Studium-Interessentest (SIT), an orientation test created by the Higher Education Compass.
Take the test

Orientation Test for Teacher Education Programs
If you are applying for a teacher education program or the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education, you must include a document proving you have completed the Career Counselling for Teachers.

The Self-Assessment Test of the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences provides a self-assessment test for its programs in Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. These tests are not mandatory.

The School of Social Sciences (only available in German)

Why Should I Get a Degree? 
And Why Should I Study at a University?
Good reasons for studying (at a university)

Understanding Study-Related Terms 
Degrees, types of higher education institution, ECTS credits, modules, seminars – we explain what the most important study-related terms mean.

Important Dates for Prospective Students
All important dates in one place

Unsure about Your Program of Study?
Are you thinking about changing your program or going to a different university? The university can provide information and advice to help you.

Still Feeling Unsure? We Can Help You.

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