City of Mannheim – City of Squares

For some people, Mannheim, also known as the city of squares, may seem unconventional and complicated at first glance. However, appearances are deceptive, as the system is actually quite simple: Four corners with right angles – the basic requirement for squares. Mannheim has precisely 144 of them. Neatly arranged between the Schloss and the river Neckar, they stretch between the Wasserturm and the Kurt Schumacher Bridge. The ensemble of the squares does not make one big square – it looks more like a horseshoe.

How does this system work?

  • Locals pragmatically refer to the urban canyon that ploughs through the blocks of buildings from the Schloss to the bridge Kurpfalzbrücke as “Breite Straße” (wide road).
  • On the left side of the street are the rows A to K, on the right, rows L to U.
  • Each block has its own number. The higher the number, the further outside the square.
  • House number 1 is always located at the corner of a square facing the Schloss. The house numbers are arranged counterclockwise for the rows A to K and clockwise for the rows L to U in the respective square.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! The famous blue signs on the corners of the blocks make sure that you don't lose track.

A few fun facts:

  • The J-squares are actually the I-squares.
  • The C-squares are the only one squares with exactly 8 blocks of houses.
  • The L-squares occupy two rows. 
  • In fact, not all squares are square-shaped.


The city of Mannheim has many faces and quite varying neighborhoods. To give you a first impression of the city, we will present you five different places:

  1. Market neighborhood “Little Istanbul” Little Istanbul, as the neighborhood west of the “Marktplatz” is known to Mannheim locals, is also a feast for the senses. Saz music pours through the door of a hairdressing salon. In the shop windows next door, opulent bridal gowns are elegantly displayed.  
  2. The Jungbusch neighborhood An anchorage next to the port of Mannheim for musicians and creative people. Lively and dynamic, this trendy neighborhood is Mannheim's mini-Berlin. The creative heart of the city beats between industrial romance and the harbor backdrop. Check it out in the evening and enjoy pizza at Gianni's at Beilstraße or a drink at Hagestolz.
  3. Luisenpark Mannheim All year round, there is plenty to discover in Mannheim's Luisenpark. The Luisenpark, also referred to as “Central Park” of Mannheim, is a green oasis in the heart of the city.  Here, Mannheim residents and visitors alike meet for a picnic, ride a Gondoletta or admire penguins, flamingos and the park's many storks.
  4. Reißinsel If you are yearning for nature, you don't have to go far.  A stroll on the island Reißinsel will do wonders for body and soul, as the entrancing alluvial forests of the last untouched bow of the Rhine invite you to linger and dream.  Take some slow and deep breaths while listening to the songs of the more than 50 bird species that live here – simply wonderful.
  5. Wasserturm Located on the elegant Friedrichsplatz, the largest contiguous art nouveau complex in Germany, the water tower Wasserturm sits in dignified splendour at the top of the Planken shopping neighborhood. Take a moment to marvel at the brightly lit fountains at the foot of the tower at dusk and you can't help but feel affection for the City of Squares.

For more information on special locations, the city, tips and recommendations, please visit the  Mannheim City Marketing website and their Instagram channel.

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