Lecture halls and buildings

The Schloss Mannheim, a baroque palace, is the core of the campus, but there are many other buildings in the neighboring squares that form part of the university.

Inside the Schloss

The Schloss consists of numerous parts where lecture halls, libraries and the Aula are located. Many courses of the Business School take place in the east wing or Ostflügel (O). The parts around Ehrenhof (Ehrenhof Ost (EO) and Ehrenhof West (EW)) are home to many programs in the field of the humanities. The Department of Law is located in the west wing or Westflügel (W) of the Schloss. The Department of Economics often uses the lecture halls around Schneckenhof (SN and SO). Moreover, many student parties take place at Schneckenhof in the summer.

In addition, there are two libraries in the Schloss as well as the Learning Center and the main circulation desk. The Mensa of the Studierendenwerk is located right next to the Schloss.

Studying in the Squares

The largest lecture hall of the university, often referred to as “A3”, is located in the square of A3. Besides, A3 is home to another library.

The School of Social Sciences is located in a large building complex in A5. Apart from many lecture halls and chairs, the building includes a library and a cafeteria of the Studierendenwerk.

The university owns additional buildings in the neighboring squares of B6 where the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics is located.

Many courses of the Department of Economics take place directly next to the Schloss, in the squares of L7 and L9.