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Dual-Career Assistance

When deciding whether to accept a position at the University of Mannheim, researchers often think about their partner’s job prospects in the city, which can be a significant factor in their decision. To support researchers with this dual-career planning, the university can assist them in the job search for their partner, regardless of whether they are looking for a job at a university or research institution, at a company, in administration or in any other sector.

The dual-career network at the University of Mannheim contains universities, research institutions, local authorities and companies from across the Rhine-Neckar region and Baden-Württemberg. The Department of Gender Equality and Social Diversity, the Human Resources division, the Welcome Center and the schools at the university also work together internally to try and find a suitable position for your partner.

Please contact Ms. Raquet to make an appointment.

Further Information

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Alexandra Raquet

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