Cloud Storage Service: bwSync&Share

bwSync&Share is a file storage service, similar to Dropbox, for employees and students at universities in Baden-Württemberg. It is currently only available in German. Once you have registered, you are allocated 25 GB of storage space, or more if necessary, which you can use to save or exchange files online, or to synchronize files with your computer, tablet and smartphone. The main advantage is that, unlike with many other file hosting services, your files are well protected by bwSync&Share. They are transferred in encrypted form, and hosted on servers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

You only need your central log-in details assigned by the University IT to register. You can access your files using a web browser or a Sync&Share client on your computer or smartphone from wherever you are.

Register for bwSync&Share (in German)

Contact the support team in the University IT if you have any questions on bwSync&Share. 

Further Information

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User guide


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